Murder by any other name

In 2020 our governments decided that COVID deaths must be avoided at all costs.  This decision essential instituted a death Hierarchy.  COVID deaths were judged now to be somehow more tragic than any other kind of death.  I say this because only a fool could think that lockdowns and untested vaccines would not produce deaths.  Clearly a decision was made that these deaths were unimportant collateral damage.  The Canadian government even decided vaccine deaths were just a nuisance requiring special marketing.

A secret Privy Council office memo recommended that any COVID vaccine-related injuries or deaths be carefully managed with “winning communication strategies” as to not “shake public confidence.”

Isn’t that comforting?  To the Trudeau Liberals the only problem with a vaccine death is that it might persuade people the vaccines are not safe.  This would lead to fewer people taking the vaccines and fewer vaccine deaths.  Essentially the Trudeau liberals were concern that the truth might save lives.

The government’s goal was to conceal vaccine deaths until it was too late for people to refuse the Jabs.  They did a very good job of it but frankly it was not that difficult.  That is not because there were so few deaths.  It is because the jabs kill in so many ways we have still not linked all of the deaths to the jabs.

Much has been made of heart issues but that is not the only way these jabs can kill.  Lipid Nano-particles can go anywhere.  That means they can damage any organ or system in the body including the brain.  Researchers are only just starting to look at possible behavioral changes post vaccination.  Recently a whistle blower has disclosed some very troubling information hinting that these behavior problems are real and potentially tragic.  The US military has seen rates of violence, accidents, suicide, and self-harm go through the roof.

With the new data he discovered, the following incidents exhibited increases in 2021 above the five-year average: exposure to forces of nature (773 percent), water transport accidents (7,400 percent), land transport vehicle (526 percent), suicide attempts (33 percent), assault (828 percent), slipping, tripping, stumble and falls (471 percent), and intentional self-harm (147 percent).

To be fair human behavior is very complex and a lot of other things have happened in the last 2 years that could explain this.  Stress from lockdown isolation and financial stress from rising inflation could be part of it.  The thing to note is that it does not matter if it was vaccination, lockdowns, or inflation.  Every single one of those things was caused by government.  All of these deaths including vaccine deaths are murders committed by government.

Do not be fooled by well-crafted communication strategies.  We are being ruled by murderers who have zero concern for you well-being.  Government is not your friend.