The second front is heating up

Joe Biden all but announced a new vaccine mandate and the American government has been issuing contracts for COVID supplies and test kits.  It seems that Governments are intent on going to the COVID well again this winter but there is a bit of a fly in the ointment.  The next great plandemic might be sizzling out before it even starts.  Biden is about to mandate a treatment that has already been banned in some counties and Wisconsin ran out of money to spend on PCR tests.

Currently it is difficult to say how this battle will play out.  People are saying no now but will their resolve hold when they can’t travel or enter stores?  Corrupt western governments are banking that people will buckle as they did last time but I doubt they are too concerned.  They have a backup plan if scamdemic 2 fails.  Western governments are fighting a two front war against their citizens and the second front of climate change is heating up.  The fiercest battle is in London where the latest government weapon is Ultra low emission zones (ULEZ).

This week many Londoners are waking up to the impact of living in an Ultra Low Emission Zone as the £12.50 daily charge for unfashionable cars begins in the outer poorer suburbs.

If you do not own an EV or an approved low emission vehicle you will be charged 12.5 pounds ($21.43 Can, $15.84 US) every day you dare to drive your vehicle.  Londoners are finally waking up to the cost of climate lunacy.  Up until now the costs of this nonsense have been hidden in energy bills and high food costs.  It was easy to blame energy companies and grocery stores instead of government.

Normally “climate change” costs are secretly buried in bills, hidden in rising costs and blamed on “old unreliable coal plants”, inflation or foreign wars. Your electricity bill does not have a category for “subsidies for your neighbors solar panels”. But the immense pain of NetZero can’t be disguised.

Incredibly, after COVID, governments are so comfortable with our compliance they no longer feel they must hide what they are doing.  If you get caught in your non approved car by a ULEZ camera you will be billed directly.  Sadiq Kahn has taken his assault on citizens to another level but he may have overplayed his hand.  By some reports more than 90% of his enforcement cameras have already been vandalized.

People are finally waking up.  Climate change is just as fraudulent as COVID.  Climate skeptics like Judith Curry, who was successfully marginalized for years, are finally being allowed to speak.   Dr. Curry has a new book out which is getting the attention it deserves.

You cannot control climate any more than we could control the SARS CoV-2 virus.  We ignored real scientists who warned about lockdowns and masks.  We chose instead to go with fake scientists and the results were disastrous.  No one was saved and millions were harmed unnecessarily.  For more than 3 decades we have been ignoring real scientists on climate change but cracks are forming.  Judith Curry is no longer effectively silenced and neither are the 1600 who just declared main stream climate science to be a dangerous hoax.

“The popular narrative about climate change reflects a dangerous corruption of science that threatens the world’s economy and the well-being of billions of people,” Mr. Clauser said in a May 5 statement.

Western governments have been waging a destructive war on their own citizens for years.  Until now it has been a very one sided fight because most people would not believe their government was intentionally harming them.  COVID tyranny woke some of them up.  We are seeing real push back now and we just might win this 2 front war we are fighting.  This means that governments will be forced to open a third front soon.  Odds are it will be world war three.  Hopefully we defeat these bastards before that happens.