The left demands complete obedience.

“I was a real vaccine booster. I got the vaccine rate up,” he said. “I’ve never promoted fringe therapies. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m extremely skeptical of conspiracy theories

This is a recent quote from Dr. Matt Strauss.  Dr. Strauss is currently suing Queens University over his dismissal.  That seems odd doesn’t it?  Why would a woke university dismiss a vaccine booster who would not be caught dead prescribing Ivermectin?  Maybe it has something to do with the last part of his quote.

I’m also skeptical of vaccine mandates.”

So Dr. Strauss believes in the jabs he just did not believe that anyone should be forced to take them.  He also does not believe healthy people should be quarantined.  Dr. Strauss was very critical of lockdowns and he made the grave error of telling people so.

He wrote short posts on Twitter and long form essays published by a British newsmagazine and Canadian news sites. He argued against wide lockdowns and mask mandates and in support of interventions focused on people most at risk.

This is how totalitarian the left is.  You accept all of the lunacy or you get punished.  It is not enough to believe in jabs and leaving patients to die untreated.  You must toe the line on everything.  Lockdowns, masks, and mandates.

The left is very good at manufacturing consensus.  They do not use logic or reason to bring people on side.  They use fear.  Obey or have your life ruined.  This is not a new tactic; it comes right out of the climate change playbook.  Dr. Judith Curry was pushed out of her position for not toeing the global warming line.  Dr. Curry believes adding CO2 will warm the earth.  She just does not believe the arguments that it will be catastrophic.  Dr. Curry points out the most outlandish claims come from sloppy and even fraudulent research.

This is exactly why the left demands complete compliance.  If anyone is allowed to question even a single detail the house “experts” come crashing down.  Government prefers science to be sloppy and fraudulent.  Finding an “expert” to support a government policy is easy when you can pay for the answer you want and no one is allowed to criticize until it is too late.

Peer-reviewed medical journal The Lancet retracted and republished a widely cited study regarding “long COVID” on Monday following an investigation prompted by a reader’s comment about “data errors.”

The Lancet published the original six-month paper on long COVID in January 2021, and has officially retracted it after being cited well over 2,000 times,

This is how you lead the public by the nose.  Pay an unethical person with a science degree to write a paper with a predetermined outcome.  Cite that paper as a reason for your new policy and persecute anyone who questions even the font used.

Science is not advanced by the gate keeping of peer review it is advanced by asking questions which are no longer allowed.  This demand of absolute conformance does not just keep us standing still.  It is moving us backward.  50 years ago we could land people on the moon and aggressively pursue massive infrastructure projects both of which we are no longer capable of.  We are conforming our way back to the dark ages and we have the left to thank for that.