The propaganda machinery is gearing up for another plandemic

The Trudeau liberals have sent their media minions out to create a new pandemic and they will not allow the truth or reality to deter them from their task.  The CTV is taking fake news to a new level with this story of surging hospitalizations.

The Public Health Agency of Canada reported an 11 per cent increase of COVID-related hospitalizations on Aug. 15 compared to the week before.

Wow 11% that is huge right?  Maybe, it really depends on 11% of what.  11% of SFA is still SFA.

I am just not feeling the fear that CTV wants me to feel and my fear did not ramp up when I checked ICU admissions.

COVID is at an all-time low in Canadian ICUs right now.  So it would seem that people are being admitted to the hospital with COVID rather than from COVID.

It is hard to scare people with a virus that is no longer making many people sick but CTV still thinks you should be scared because unlike influenzas COVID is a year round threat.

Infectious disease expert Dr. Isaac Bogoch told CTV’s Your Morning on Wednesday there are some seasonal components to the rise in COVID cases, however, unlike the flu, this disease is present year-round.

CTV and Dr. Bogoch somehow both overlooked that COVID was not a multi-seasonal threat before the vaccines.  Take a look at the top plot again.  COVID fell to almost zero in the summer of 2020 before the vaccines just as every other seasonal virus did.  It was only after the vaccinations started that COVID started to persist through the summer months.  Would it be impolite for me to ask if these hospitalizations might be vaccine injuries rather than COVID?

Whether off season COVID hospitalizations are COVID or COVID vaccine injuries, it seems clear to me that the best way to lower hospital admissions is to stop using COVID vaccines.  CTV does, however, fail to identify this simple solution in their article about increasing hospitalizations.

There seems to be a competition among major Canadian media companies to see which organization can be the most dishonest.  For years the undisputed Champ was the CBC but CTV is determined to take the belt.  With articles like this they just might do it.  My hat is off to them.  It can’t be easy to sink this low.