Throwing AZ under the bus to save Pfizer

One of the 4 main safe and effective COVID vaccines is being pulled from the market because it is not safe.

AstraZeneca is removing its Covid vaccine worldwide, months after the pharmaceutical giant admitted that it can cause a rare and dangerous side effect.

AstraZeneca admitted in February that the vaccine can, in very rare cases, cause Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome – which has been linked to more than 80 deaths in Britain as well as hundreds of serious injuries.

The reality is that none of the COVID vaccines are safe and the regulators are throwing AstraZeneca under the bus.  The regulating organizations have a real conundrum on their hands.  They took kickbacks and approved treatments that should never have been approved.  I am sure they hoped to ignore the problems but there were way to many injured people for that to happen.  If they had any integrity they would have banned them all but that would end the kickbacks.  Instead it looks like they are trying to convince the public that all the problems were due to AstraZeneca.  The regulators are sacrificing AstraZeneca to save Moderna and Pfizer.

The AstraZeneca vaccine is an adenovirus vaccine while Moderna and Pfizer are mRNA.  They are 2 slightly different technologies that do the same stupid thing.  Both teach your body to produce spike proteins.  The difference is how they deliver the instructions.  AstraZeneca uses an adeno virus to carry instructions in to cells by infecting them.  Moderna and Pfizer use lipid Nano-particles to get the RNA instructions in to cells.  The fact that AstraZeneca is a different technology makes this ruse possible.  The public is to believe adenovirus vaccines are dangerous but mRNA is perfectly safe.

Of course that is not true but the truth has never been important to government.