What they don’t steal they waste

Have you noticed that no matter how high taxes go we still have deficits?  The more money governments have access to the more they spend; none of it wisely.  Of course some of this money is just stolen but the larger problem is simple incompetence.  Politicians are smart enough to steal but even smart criminals are really not that smart.

A study of Texas inmates who entered the prison system in 2002 indicated that approximately 23% of the inmates scored below 80, almost 69% scored between 80 and 109, and only 9.6% scored above 110 (Ellis & Walsh, 2003).

I would be willing to bet if you did mandatory IQ testing in parliament you would get about the same distribution.  So our economic woes stem from a combination of immorality and stupidity endemic to modern governments.  Quite simply politicians are not that bright and neither are the people who they turn to for advice.


He advises Biden on economic matters and he does not know how monetary policy works.  Modern western government is the stupid advised by the clueless.  This situation would be humorous as it was in the movie “Idiocracy” if the result of their incompetence was not so tragic.

Brand new survey results from Statistics Canada’s Canadian Income Survey Interview (conducted from January to June 2023) has revealed that 22.9%, or 8.7 million, Canadians reported some form of insecurity in the previous 12 months.

This has exploded upwards by 1.8 million people from the previous year’s survey results.

Canadians are finding it hard to pay for food.  The government could act virtuously by allowing people to keep enough of their income to feed their families but that is not how they roll.  Instead they opt for fake virtue.  Why let people feed their families when you can take their money to build monuments?

Construction is now underway for a national monument in downtown Ottawa recognizing the discrimination faced by 2SLGBTQ+ people across the country. 

I don’t know about you but I am sure I could find a better use for taxes than monuments no one asked for.  The problem is that our governments cannot.  They cannot even figure out they could save money but not paying people who previously worked only 2 days per week and are now threatening to not work at all.

Canada’s largest public service unions are threatening a “summer of discontent” after Ottawa mandated that federal civil servants return to the office three days a week.

But unfortunately for taxpayers the solution is never to stop wasting money.  The solution is always to raise taxes.  And, once you have taken all that you can, import more people to tax.  The small flaw in that plan is that for it to work you must import people who actually pay taxes.

Jason Richwine of the Center for Immigration Studies dug deep into a National Academy of Sciences report on the issue, finding that in the U.S. “a high school dropout immigrant who arrives at the age of 25 will generate a lifetime fiscal cost of $186,000.” George Mason University economist and open-borders advocate Bryan Caplan agreed with Richwine’s assessment, also noting that so-called native high school dropouts—a group that includes second-generation immigrants to the U.S.—have an even bigger lifetime fiscal cost, $388,000.

If politicians were not quite so stupid they would realize unrestricted immigration is draining public treasuries.  It is making an already bad economic situation worse but politicians are all in.  Newcomers who burden taxpayers are so important we will do anything to keep them in the country.

Non-citizens who commit crimes in Canada shouldn’t get discounted sentences simply so they can avoid deportation. But in the Canadian justice system, that’s exactly what happens. We are beholden to judges who believe the rules apply differently to everyone.

Everyone knows that newcomers who immediately break your laws will start paying large amounts of income tax when they are released from prison.  If you don’t know that you don’t care as much as Justin Trudeau who cares a lot; just not about you.

Trudeau knows it, too. That is why it’s a waste of time to tell him his latest tax hike will hurt wages, productivity and jobs. It’s like telling a pyromaniac that fire is dangerous: he doesn’t care.

Stupid, corrupt, and indifferent, if parliament had a coat of arms that would be the moto imprinted upon it.