Plumbing the depth of the Dumb Ages

When exactly did we become stupid?  That is a question I am sure will perplex historians when they look back at our current era; a period I refer to as the dumb ages.  There might be a better way to describe our current times but I simply cannot think of it.  I mean what else would you call an age when a study that concludes exactly what anyone with common sense already knew, is described as a bombshell?

According to the bombshell report, which spans 400 pages and includes several systematic evidence reviews, the research in support of transitioning youth is “incredibly weak” and globally influential treatment guidelines are “not evidence-based.”

This is how far our society has been dumbed down.  Plainly obvious things are now bombshells and fiascos are now shining accomplishments worthy of praise.

“I’d like to introduce them to the talented tradespeople and brilliant engineers who, last Thursday, made the final weld — the Golden Weld — on a great national project: the Trans Mountain pipeline,” Freeland said in the House of Commons. “It took our government to get it built”.

After 9 years in power this is the only accomplishment of the Trudeau liberals.  They created a business climate so toxic that private investors were no longer willing to risk capital.  Then in response they took over a project put it behind schedule and quintupled the cost.

The Liberals didn’t propose the Trans Mountain expansion (TMX), of course. They never planned to develop it. But they were forced to buy the project, along with the original Trans Mountain pipeline, in 2018 when Kinder Morgan, the Houston-based owner, said it couldn’t continue putting investor capital at risk in the face of relentless court battles and opposition from politicians — particularly those in B.C.

The question now is what the Trudeau government does with it, and whether it can recoup the $34 billion it ended up spending, nearly five times as much as the original $7.4 billion projection.

Several buyers, including some groups including First Nations as well as Alberta’s investment fund, have expressed an interest in buying, but industry analysts are pessimistic that the government will ever sell it at a price sufficient to cover the sunk costs it spent to finally get a pipeline to tidewater over the finish line.

The Federal government under Justin Trudeau took an economic project that would have been completed without any tax money and turned it in to an uneconomic project that taxpayers were forced to pay for.  Now they stand up in parliament and demand praise for their destructive actions.  It really will take divine intervention to save us from the dumb ages.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Canada’s government is almost straight out of the movie Idiocracy. Except their leader had charisma where ours has none whatsoever. And their leader was smart enough to realize how dumb he was and let an average intelligence person take over.

    President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho would be an upgrade for Canada.

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