Moderna and I agree on one thing

Moderna had never sold a product before COVID but their major shareholder, Bill Gates, has purchased enough friends in high places that Moderna was given contracts to supply COVID vaccines.  Moderna is a one trick mRNA pony.  Granted it was a very lucrative trick but it is over.  The fear is gone.  Despite constant government encouragement almost no one is taking COVID boosters anymore.  As a result Moderna’s cash flow is in freefall.  Their Q1 2024 cash flow is down 94% from Compared to Q1 2023.

the company posted a first-quarter loss of $1.2 billion.

The huge losses are down to dwindling demand for the company’s Covid mRNA injections.

In the first three months of 2024, sales of the company’s Covid shots were a mere $167 million.

During the same period last year, however, Moderna took $2.8 billion in profits from the experimental injections.

But Moderna does not want their investors to worry about their 1.2 billion dollar quarterly loss.  They have a plan.  Massive profits are on the horizon.

Pharmaceutical giant Moderna has promised investors that a coming “next generation” of vaccines is going to reward them with massive profits.

The article author, Frank Bergman, believes he has found a flaw with Moderna’s comeback plan.  How do you sell a new vaccine without a new virus?

However, the company didn’t explain why new vaccines are needed for a virus with mild symptoms that most of the world now has natural immunity against.

My bet is that Moderna did not answer that question because no one including Frank bothered to ask that question.  Not questioning government or big Pharma is the hallmark of modern journalism after all.  Even if some rebel had bothered to break journalistic protocol, I am pretty sure Moderna’s answer would be “what difference does that make?”

Moderna made billions on their first vaccine for a mild virus that 80% of the world was immune to.  Vaccine profits are not driven by need.  They are driven by government mandates.  Low risk people were forced to take a treatment they did not need.  A treatment that even if it had worked as designed offered very little protection.

The Jabs were unnecessary in 2021 yet Moderna made billions in profits.  Moderna is obviously counting on the same level of government cooperation in 2024 that they received in 2021.  Their business plan depends on it and they have no reason to believe it will not happen.

It has been more than 4 years since the start of this debacle and no one has been punished.  More than 20 million people were killed for profit.  I have been saying this for years now.  If we do not punish the people responsible they will do it again.  Moderna apparently agrees with me.  Their entire business model is based on the assumption that they will do it again.  The question is will we let them?