The politics and economics of green energy

There are 2 good reasons why politicians should never be allowed to make important decisions.

  1. They are stupid
  2. They are corrupt

No matter how slowly you explain anything to them politicians are simply too stupid to understand the ramifications of decisions they make.  And, because of the level of corruption inherent in modern politics, for a few dollars they will not care how much damage their decisions make.

Case in point, green energy; green energy is an incredibly stupid idea supported by almost every politician in the western world.  Windmills and solar panels are not new technology.  They have been around for a very long time yet we were not using them on a significant scale.  We did not use them because we had better more reliable technology.  Solar and wind have gained popularity now only because western society has become as stupid as the politicians we vote for.

Electrical grids are very difficult to manage.  Because there is no practical way to store large amounts of electricity the grid must be carefully balanced.  Great care is taken to ensure that the amount of power put on to the grid balances with the amount of power taken off the grid.  The grid is monitored 24/7 and any change in supply or demand must be reacted to immediately.  That is what makes wind and solar such a bad idea.  Wind and cloud cover can change quite quickly causing sudden grid imbalances.

Sudden changes in weather make the grid hard to manage and unstable.  The more green energy you add to the gird the more unstable it gets and it very little green energy to put everyone in danger.  Alice Springs in Australia only has 13% and their grid is near collapse.

Yet the bare truth is that solar energy provides just 13% of Alice Springs annual electricity, and fossil fuel based generation, they admit quietly near the bottom of an FAQ page, is, shhh, 87%. Only one in four houses has solar power, yet the grid is already overloaded when it peaks, and unstable when a cloud comes over and the whole towns solar power goes down. (As it did in 2019 leaving many homes blacked out, as the engineers predicted would happen).

The public does not want windmills or solar panel they just don’t know it yet.  There are people who do want these technologies though.  Everyone who makes money from windmills and solar panels loves them.  At the top of that list are communists.  No one makes more money or derives more benefit from green energy than the communist party of China.

About 90% of solar panels installed in Germany come from China, and earlier this year one of the last solar panel manufacturers closed in Germany. Last week, what was left of the industry begged for mercy (and subsidies) which they didn’t get. Now another German solar panel manufacturer has closed down.

For some cruel reason German factories which are close to their customers, can’t compete with distant foreign factories which have access to slave labor, fossil fueled shipping and cheap coal fired electricity?

Green energy is a double benefit for China.  They make money selling windmills and solar panels.  Then when their products make power unreliable and expensive for their customers, China wins again.  Factories in the west close which pushes more manufacturing to China.  China is playing the long climate con and it is working fabulously.  Soon China will own everything; not just the Liberal party of Canada.