Follow the money

Justin Trudeau has ramped up immigration in all of its forms to ridiculous levels.  Canada always accepted a lot of newcomers but under Trudeau we now accept 6 times as many people per year.  The net result has been a housing crisis.  He has also dramatically increased the size of government and government spending which has fueled inflation.  His economic policies have driven investment out of Canada so lately he has resorted to bribing companies with tax money to start businesses in Canada.

The Trudeau Liberals have overspent and overtaxed for years, creating an uncompetitive business environment that drives out jobs. Then, to make matters worse, the government “bribes” companies with subsidies and grants to create jobs. This perpetuates a vicious cycle: subsidies are paid out of high taxes, which in turn increase taxes, necessitating more subsidies in order to maintain levels of employment.

If the Government of Canada were a publicly traded company, it would have no shareholders or investors.

As Diane Francis points out there is no way this ends well for Canadians but the point of my post is not to discuss again how big a moron Justin Trudeau is.  The point today is that no one voted for any of this.  Not a single person went to the polls thinking I want the government to destroy the economy and my children’s future.  Yet that is exactly what we got.

Remarkably, even after all the damage he has done, Trudeau still has supporters.  A couple of days ago I pointed out that Trudeau’s policies have fueled inflation and immediately a misguided supporter pointed out that Canada’s inflation is the lowest in the G7.  Let’s set aside for a minute that the official Canadian inflation number is completely fictitious.  Anyone who spends money can tell you inflation is not under 3% as the government claims.  Instead let’s look at the strength of the defense.  After 9 years in power the only positive thing you can say about Justin Trudeau is that he has been no worse than the other globalist idiots; most of whom have already resigned.

It is true; however, that Justin Trudeau is not really doing anything different than other progressive politicians.  They are all following the same agenda.  An agenda full of things that no one voted for; like tracking when you leave or enter your own town.


So who sets the agenda if it is not voters?  Why is the political leadership in every western country reading from the same script?


No one voted for what is happening because the decisions are being made by people no one voted for.  I do not know who is actually in charge but it seems they have endless amounts of money.  It can’t be cheap to buy as many politicians as they have.  To unravel this we must follow the money.  Starting from Justin Trudeau’s bank account and working backwards to the origin.