“COVID Vaccines” don’t Change Anything. Everyone still Must Get Exposed to Reach Herd Immunity.

Lately I have been posting information about vaccinated people getting infected.  The reality is that even when you are immune you can get re-infected.  Being immune does not prevent a virus from entering your body again.  It is just that your immune system is ready for it.  It destroys the virus and any infected cells so quickly that you never know you had been re-infected.

Every time your body successfully fights off an infection you are left with antibodies that last for months and T-cells that last for years.  Antibodies attack the virus and T cells get rid of infected cells.  Traditional Vaccines use a weakened version of the original virus to stimulate both an antibody and T cell response.  The COVID treatments do not do this.  That is why they are treatments are not Vaccines.  We only call them vaccines to lull people in to complacency.

Moderna and Pfizer are messenger RNA.  Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca are Viral Vector.  Messenger RNA and Viral vector treatments do the same thing in different ways.  They both teach cells in your body to produce the coronavirus spike protein.  They just deliver the instructions in a different way.

When cells in your body produce the spike protein they look like the virus so they provoke an antibody response.  But since there are no infected cells you get no T cell response.  You are not fully immune until you get a T cell response.  All the treatments do is give you a head start.  You will never be fully immune until you actually get infected.  That is why we are told the “Vaccines” only ensure that you get a mild infections and reduce the chance of death.

This is important to understand for 3 reasons.

  1. These treatments only serve to give your immune system a Boost. They help improve your odds of survival.  They really do not do anything more than Vitamin D and Ivermectin.  But there is one crucial difference.  There are no known side effects for Vitamin D and Ivermectin.
  2. The benefit from the treatment is temporary. Antibodies fade quickly without the T cells you have no lasting immunity.  That is what the yearly booster shots are for.  The booster shots are not for new variants as you have been led to believe.
  3. We cannot reach herd immunity through Vaccination. To reach herd immunity everyone must still be exposed to the virus and get infected.

We are incessantly told that everyone needs to be vaccinated to stop the mutations of variants.  With any virus variants are inevitable.  A virus infects cells in your body and uses them as factories to reproduce itself.  These factories don’t always make exact copies.  The more copies the more possible variants.  With regular Vaccines the factories are destroyed quickly resulting in fewer copies.  With these T cell deficient treatments, antibodies keep the virus at bay as your body finally builds T cells.  While this is happening the virus is replicating itself.  Potentially producing and releasing new variants.

The reality is that a vaccinated person is in the exact same boat as a person with a good vitamin D level.  Both are susceptible to infection and neither is likely to suffer any serious complications.  We shut down the world and killed people waiting a year on the Vaccines.  We did not get Vaccines.  What we got was a treatment that reduces severity.  We could have gotten the same effect by handing out Vitamin D in March of 2020.  Are you glad our governments destroyed lives to save you from the perils of taking vitamin D?