COVID Questions. Can Anyone Answer the Last One for me?

A friend sent me this article on Ivermectin today.

Update on ivermectin for covid-19 – Sebastian Rushworth M.D.

Invermectin reduces death by 62%.  It is particularly effective with older more ill patients where it reduced death by more than 80%.  This would be really big news if COVID was a problem for elderly people in poor health.  With results like this our only option is to lock young healthy people in their homes and wait for vaccines.

Unfortunately there is a little hiccup in the “Vaccines will save us all from COVID” narrative.  Vaccinated people continue to test positive.

Coronavirus NSW: Fully vaccinated travellers test positive in Sydney hotel quarantine (

Australia quarantines and tests all incoming travelers.  Many vaccinated travelers are testing positive.  The author is quick to point out that there is no need to worry.  They even found an epidemiologist to concur.

University of Sydney epidemiologist Dr Fiona Stanaway said, given no COVID-19 vaccine was 100 per cent effective, it was to be expected that some people who had been vaccinated would test positive although they would most likely be asymptomatic.

Wow who knew asymptomatic people are not a problem?  I never would have guessed.

These two articles and this photo from yesterday gave me pause for thought.

However, instead of answers all I got were more questions.  Maybe someone can answer these questions for me.

  • Why do we have a system where one man can do what he whatever he wants in the name of public safety?
  • Why is all this public safety so dangerous to my personal liberty?
  • When did the police start actively recruiting so many sociopaths?
  • Why stop at defunding police? We should abolish police.  I would rather deal with a criminal than police taking orders from a criminal.
  • What day did we remove freedom of religion from the charter of rights?
  • When was the rest of the charter suspended?
  • If we no longer have rule of law why do we need police?
  • Why is it that unvaccinated, asymptomatic, people are dangerous when vaccinated asymptomatic are not?
  • If masks work why do we need travel restrictions? Does infection depend on the origins of the mask?
  • Why can doctors prescribe puberty blockers but not ivermectin?
  • What disease do puberty blockers cure? Do they protect seniors the same way lockdowns do?
  • Who imprisoned more preachers yesterday, Jason Kenney or Kim Jong Un?