They won’t apologize because it wasn’t a mistake

5.7 billion People were given an unnecessary and poorly tested gene therapy.  The result was 10s of millions dying and even more being injured.  While governments continue to deny the connection every sane person on the planet knows this to be true.  The glaring truth of what happened prompted Tucker Carlson to ask why no one has apologized.


I suspect Tucker knows exactly why doctors have not apologized.  The COVID jabs were not a mistake that accidentally injured people.  The entire COVID narrative up to and including the jabs was a malicious lie and everyone involved knew it was a lie.


Doctors chose to participate in a lie. They did this for financial reasons.  They got paid to participate and would be punished if they did not.  Doctors chose their own financial security over the safety of their patients.  An apology would be an admission that for the right price they will do the wrong thing.  Who would see a doctor that placed so little value on patient’s lives?

Don’t hold your breath waiting for anyone to apologize for participating in the largest crime in history.  It is way past time for apologies anyway.  Now is the time for vengeance.  I am sure we get a lot of tearful apologizes once people start going to prison.