Our governments are evil because we are stupid

People are at their breaking points.  Many are posting emotional videos on social media describing their struggle to live in a world where life is becoming more and more unaffordable.  This video struck a chord with me because my children are about the same age as this young man and face the same challenges.


It is hard for young people to be optimistic about their future when every cent they make goes either to taxes or necessities.  We now live in a time when people are cutting back on food just to afford shelter.

Based on Canada’s Food Price Report 2024, an individual’s monthly expenditure for a healthy diet should be $339. Again, the current average monthly spending is $248. Until July 2021, Canadians were spending more on average than the desired budget to support a healthy diet. Since then, it has clearly been a challenge.

This is not the country I grew up in.  When I was my children’s age, I was optimistic about the future.  If you worked hard and were smart you could improve your lot in life.  Those days are over.  Now if you work hard all you can look forward to is more hard work.  So how did this happen?  How did we go from a country of opportunity to a country of wage slavery?  Well, the short answer is politicians, the more complete answer is stupidity.

My children’s future was stolen by politicians.  The politicians got away with the theft because the average voter is too stupid to know who is stealing from them.


That woman is not young, but she has the cognitive ability of a child.  How on earth could she believe the religious right sets the world price for oil or gasoline taxes?  The cost of living has nothing to do with the religious right.  The only religious group that has had any hand in this calamity is the Climate cult and their role was only as useful idiots.  If you want to know who to blame look to the politicians and the people who voted for them.

We collectively voted our way into this mess.  Theoretically we could vote our way out but that would mean everyone registered to vote would need to get way smarter before the next elections.  But that is not going to happen, and the politicians know it.  At one time politicians worried people were smart and they were forced to tell well crafted lies.  COVID showed them we are not smart.  Now they don’t even try to tell plausible lies.  They tell ridiculous lies because they know most people will not notice.  Here is the Prime Moron of Canada telling Canadians millions of people came into the country accidentally as temporary residents.


Canada traditionally admitted about 250 thousand immigrants per year.  Trudeau lied and said it was 400 thousand.  Then he lied again and told Canadians he does not know how so many temporary residents got into the country.  Trudeau told 2 ridiculous lies that many people will unfortunately believe.  There will be millions of adults who still vote for him believing that house prices will go down as soon as we stop accidentally allowing millions of people into the country.

I feel sorry for young people.  We caused this problem and I see no evidence that we are smart enough to fix it.  I don’t even see any evidence that we are smart enough to stop making it worse.