Dare to dream

I came across this video claiming the Italian health minister is under investigation for murder because he knew the COVID jabs were dangerous and concealed the information from the public.  I don’t know if this is true.  The only indication that I could find that it is true is that fact checkers have already declared it to be false.


Frankly I doubt this can be true.  I do not doubt that the health minister knew the jabs were dangerous because they all knew the jabs were dangerous.  What I doubt is that he will ever be investigated or punished.

All these officials are complicit in mass murder.  We do need investigations but not just into whether they concealed information.  I want to also know why they concealed information.  I have said from the very beginning none of this makes any sense if these public officials were not somehow profiting from their participation in the greatest crime in history.  There simply is no benign explanation for violating people’s rights to force them to take an experimental medication that they did not need.

They must have been paid to do this.  Why else would you participate in this crime?  The only proper end to this sad chapter in human history is criminal and financial investigations.  Is that report real?  Is this the beginning of the end to COVID tyranny?  Will the people who profited from murder finally be brought to justice?  I doubt it but a guy can dream, can’t he?