Trudeaus house of lies is crumbling and taking the climate narrative with it

There is a tax revolt slowly brewing in Canada.  The spark that ignited it was the latest increase in the Carbon tax.  Trudeaus first response was to pay a group of economists to conclude that the Carbon tax helped more than it hurt.  This lie was so obvious that no one believed the liberal house pet academics that told it.

The next step in the playbook when your fake experts strike out is to send in the fake journalists.  That is how Canadians go this article explaining that even if the academics lied for a paycheck, it does not matter.  Canadians are demanding action on climate change and the carbon tax is still the best thing to do.


Despite the misleading information noted in the letter regarding the carbon tax’s impact on our climate and its effect on our cost of living – specifically referencing the Bank of Canada’s erroneous calculations – the group certainly has the right to express its viewpoint.


There’s a growing demand for a definitive, measurable basis that proves the policy’s efficiency in curbing emissions without stunting economic growth.

The Trudeau liberals are just lurching from one lie to another.  Canadians are not demanding that emissions be curbed.  After 9 years of Justin Trudeau Canadians are concerned about feeding their families and don’t give a damn about emissions.  Most have already figured out that net zero will only make their lives even more difficult.


And, with each passing day more and more Canadians have come to realize the whole climate narrative is rubbish.


The Trudeau liberals are losing ground because they have failed to realize that this is no longer about carbon tax.  This has morphed into a pushback on all the liberal lunacy.

You almost have to give Justin Trudeau credit for accomplishing the impossible: That’s now twice in his calamitous and divisive tenure that he’s inspired often servile Canadians to come together, en masse, in protest of far-left policies of self-sabotage that only exist for the benefit of a vanishing few.

It’s why this Great Canadian Tax Revolt, still in its infancy, but growing each day, is of the utmost importance.

Canadians are not just questioning the carbon tax.  They are questioning why they pay taxes when they receive nothing in return.  Canadians want to know why we must pay private contractors to perform services that should have been covered by our taxes.

A group of 100 homeowners in North York hired a private security firm to patrol their neighborhood seven days a week.

Life in Trudeau’s Canada has been made unaffordable due to high taxes and poor government spending priorities.  Canadians are not demanding action on climate change.  They are demanding to know where the money went.  Why do we pay for police that provide no policing?

Trudeau can beat the climate drums as loudly as he wants but Canadians are no longer listening.  They have figured out that our silver spoon elitist prime minister has priorities that do not consider the needs of Canadians.  Even worse for Trudeau is that Canadians have finally realized that he lies.  Everything the man says is a lie.  Every policy is based on lies.  The climate narrative is crumbling because Trudeau’s house of lies is crumbling.