Video evidence that not every world leader is an evil moron

Western leaders are using climate change as an excuse to destroy their own countries.  At the head of the class is the Prime Moron of Canada who demonstrates daily that he does not take direction from Canadians.

But Trudeau isn’t listening to them. He’s not even listening to our premiers. And he’s certainly not listening to Canadians.

Canada’s economy has been in the dumpster since Trudeau began his reign of error but that does not concern Justin at all.  The only thing he does get upset about is that the provincial premiers don’t share his enthusiasm for destroying the economy.  He helpfully lectures them at every opportunity about how they are underutilizing climate policy to impoverish Canadians.

“When we last engaged with provinces and territories on this in 2022, all of your governments either did not propose alternative systems or … proposed systems that did not meet the minimum standard for emissions reductions,” the letter reads.

Climate change policies have nothing to do with the climate or the environment.  They are just an excuse that helps Trudeau accomplish his real goal of destroying private industry while increasing state control of everything.

Government under the Trudeau Liberals has grown from 23% of Gross Domestic Product to 27%, while business spending on new machinery, technology, factories and equipment has slipped to 8% of GDP

Green really is the new red.  The environmental movement has been co-opted by people who don’t want to give up on communism.  Climate change has come to the forefront of the environmental industry because it is inextricably linked to energy.  If you control energy you control economies and people.  The climate scam is the best weapon Trudeau and his WEF cronies have to permanently order society in to haves and have nots.  The elite will have, everyone else will not.

Trudeau is not alone in his tyrannical quest.  Most western leaders are on the same path.  They are all closet communists who don’t just believe their own people should be poor but that people in other countries should remain poor.  Thankfully the President of Guyana is having none of it.


That short clip was one of the most uplifting things I have seen in a very long time.  After watching it I could only think of one thing.  Can we get this guy as prime minister of Canada?

In Canada the leading Candidate to replace Trudeau is a man promising to remove the hated carbon tax that increases yet again today.  His slogan is “axe the tax”.  A catching slogan to be sure but it is not nearly enough.  We need to axe the whole movement.  CO2 is not destroying the planet.  Hydrocarbons are a benefit not a liability.  Hydrocarbons propel economies forward and lift people out of poverty; that is why the elite hate them so much.