Pandemics will never be as dangerous as Government

COVID killed relatively few.  Governments killed millions.  I have stated that on this blog many times.  My conviction that the government was deadly, and the virus was not, is based on the balance of the evidence.  Wastewater samples have shown that the SARS COV-2 virus was already in North America as early as September of 2019, yet no one was dying.  People did not start dying in great numbers until the government stepped in, induced panic, and enforced medical protocols.

The virus is relatively benign, sadly our governments are not.  I have been highlighting that on this blog as far back as 2020. What was obvious to me in 2020 was controversial to others, but now that thinking has gone mainstream.  People are waking up to the realization that governments purposely killed their own citizens.  Their weapons were, lockdowns, ventilators, remdesivir, vaccines, and in the UK midazolam.


To fuel the panic needed to cover all the theft, governments needed dead bodies.  They produced them by the millions and blamed most of them on a virus no one had even noticed for 5 months.  The government blamed all their murders on COVID even though anyone who cared to look knew that to be a lie. Frankly you had to be willfully blind to not notice what was happening.


The COVID pandemic protocols killed millions of seniors.  The vaccines killed millions of young people.  Some of them were so young they had yet to draw their first breath.


Dr. Campbell believes we need investigations and I agree but that is only the start.  We need prosecutions.  This was mass murder on a scale that was unimaginable before 2019.  Governments have always been dangerous to human health but the COVID killing spree is unprecedented even for government.

These mass murders still wield power in government.  How much longer will we let that stand?