Not the Canada I grew up in

Justin Trudeau has aggressively pursued the destruction of Canada.

Canadians sat back and allowed this to happen.  For 9 years Canadians were oblivious to the decline of our once great nation while the rest of the world looked on in alarm,


and even amusement.


Canada has become a joke on the world stage and a dystopic nightmare for Canadians at home.  Everyone is suffering but the largest impact is on the youngest Canadians who will be grappling with this mess for decades.  The biggest challenge for young Canadians is that the people who caused this mess are still in office and still supported by academia and the media.  This University Professor writing for the Sun acknowledges that Trudeaus heavy handed meddling has made food unaffordable.

Despite years of expansive government spending under the Trudeau administration, food affordability continues to trend in the wrong direction.

But he does not want Canadians to worry because the solution to problems caused by socialism is to transition to full blown communism.

There is a dire need for policy interventions that tackle the root causes of this inequality. A reexamination of the guaranteed minimum income concept could ensure that incomes keep pace with the rising cost of living.

Because of course problems caused by too much government are obviously best solved by the application of more government.  As soon as everyone is on the government payroll things will be fine.  The professor did however decline to explain where the money would come from.  Also absent from the article are ideas for the location of the mass graves communism always produces.  I guess these small details are beneath the lofty thinking of Canadian academics.

Justin Trudeau is an idiot.  He is also evil.  Everything he has done since taking office has been bad for the country and its citizens but his worst policy by far has been unrestricted immigration.  The rapid expansion of the population has fueled inflation and created a serious housing shortage.  This has made home ownership impossible for the average citizen which is fueling anger.  The anger is so palpable that other politicians are being forced to pretend that they care.


Justin is, as per usual, unfazed by the suffering of average Canadians.  His policies have caused nothing but problems.  A normal politician would try to offer a change of direction to assuage the voters but not Justin.  His new budget just promises more of the same.  A lot more of the same.

But Budget 2024 offers little to chart a different course from the Liberal legacy of stunting the potential of young Canadians.

2018-2022 represents the highest levels of federal program spending per person in Canadian history. How is it fair to saddle millennials and future generations with the overwhelming consequences of crippling debt?

The theme of his tax and spend budget that looks exactly like the last tax and spend budget is generational fairness.  Apparently, the taxation and reckless spending of the last budget did not produce any generational fairness, but this one will.  Trudeau is going to help young people by doing more of the things that made life unaffordable for them in the first place.

Trudeau is having a little trouble selling his generational fairness budget, however.  Even the normally compliant CBC acknowledges things are tough for young people but wonders how more debt helps future generations.

“Their success is Canada’s success in the future, sure, but also right now. But the economy isn’t rewarding them the way it used to reward their parents and grandparents.

Some economists have suggested that the budget’s new spending will do more harm than good to the young by saddling them with even more debt.

It is tough for Justin when the communists at CBC don’t support some of his communist interventions, but it is not all bad for Justin.  The CBC still thinks stealing from seniors is a great idea.

But generational fairness is not an issue that pits the “one-percenters” against the 99 per cent, said Boadway, and any government serious about fixing the problem may need to go after some of the wealth locked up in real estate. 

The CBC agrees with Justin that raising taxes on people who already own homes will solve the housing crisis.  See, it is not an imbalance of supply and demand, it is just an issue of some people not paying enough taxes.  We don’t need more houses to solve the housing crisis, we just need more taxes.

I did not take political science in university, so I confess I don’t understand how this works.  Taxing people into poverty seems like a very poor way to make life more affordable or to build houses.  Isn’t this aggressive income re-distribution what caused this problem in the first place?

What the Liberals are actually doing is robbing the increasingly sclerotic Peters to pay for the increasingly frustrated Pauls. In the war between boomers and the millennials and Gen-Zers, the Trudeau government would like the youth of this great country to know it is firmly on their side. That’s right kids, the arsonists who have helped to torch your futures are now trying to play the fire brigade

Like every good communist Trudeau firmly believes that the only reason life is tough for Paul is that Peter has too much.  Things will be much more equitable once Peter also has nothing. Trudeau seems determined to use his remaining time in office to make sure Peter and Paul are equally poor.  Not included in the equation however is Justin or any of his friends.  The money Peter pays won’t go to Paul, it will find its usual home in the bank accounts of the political elite.

You will own nothing.  They will own everything, and they will be deliriously happy: you, not so much. But at least your neighbor will be just as poor as you are no matter what age they are.  Perfect generational fairness.

Canada has changed and not in a good way.  This country is not what it once was.  I would like to say that no one voted for this but that would be a lie.  Justin Trudeau has been elected 3 times meaning many Canadians voted for this.  They voted for equal application of poverty.  I don’t get why they would do that, but I really wish they would stop.