For some it may never be over

When the pandemic hype started it was obvious the government was lying.  To try and discern the truth I started to watch the numbers rather than listen to the media repeat obvious lies.  It soon became apparent that even the numbers were a lie, at least the official COVID numbers.  So unable to trust either the government or the statistics they were manipulating, I moved on to the one thing they can’t fake which is the total number of people dying.  Or, more specifically, the number of people dying over and above what should be considered normal, excess deaths.

The excess death numbers told a very different story than the story governments were telling.  Many countries sailed through the first season of the great COVID plague with very few excess deaths.  Remarkably the excess deaths they did see were proportional to the stupidity of their regulations rather than the number of infections. Whether by design or sheer stupidity it was apparent to anyone who looked that the government was producing “COVID” deaths.

Lockdowns and restrictions that keep people apart are a self-fulfilling prophecy.  If you keep it up for long enough people will die.  Then the government can say “I told you so” and use those deaths as an excuse to continue with the lockdowns.

I continued to track excess deaths throughout the plandemic so it was not hard to see we had a problem with the COVID jabs.  As each age group was jabbed, deaths started to increase and excess deaths remained elevated for long after people had been jabbed.  It was obvious to me at least that the Jabs would continue killing for years because some of the injuries they produced were permanent.

Intuitively I believe if people stop taking boosters things could get better, at least they will stop getting worse.  Unfortunately, while things could improve, I think the COVID Jabs will continue to kill people long after we stop taking them.  Some of the vaccine injuries are permanent and will ultimately shorten lives.

I am both proud and saddened by how many of my predictions have been correct.  I wish I had been wrong more often.  Multiples times I stated the jabs would continue to kill long after people stopped taking them and I was correct.  While excess deaths have come down, they have not disappeared completely.  Potential deadly conditions are being discovered even now 3 years later.


Very few politicians want to acknowledge what the jabs are done because it is not over yet and most of them are up to their elbows in blood.


It is not over.  The jabs are not done killing and the guilty are yet unpunished.  The combination of lockdowns, enforced medical neglect, and the jabs have produced more than 20 million deaths.  That is equivalent to WW1.  This may never be over for the vaccine injured.  It won’t be over for the rest of us either if we don’t punish the people who caused this.  COVID was an enormous wealth transfer from ordinary people to the tyrants responsible for millions of deaths.  If they profit from murder and have no risk of punishment, why wouldn’t they do it again?  We can’t let them get away with this.