Murderers belong in prison

For some strange reason many people still won’t believe that the government lied about the vax.  This jab idiot repeats all the lies about the jab saving millions of lives only to get politely schooled by Peter McCullough on vaccine safety.


The jabs did not save a single person from dying of COVID.  The case fatality ratio did not change.  You can play games claiming all the deaths were among the unvaccinated but you can’t make that math go around.  If the vaccinated were getting sick but not dying then the case fatality ratio would have plummeted but it did not.  No one was saved by the COVID jabs

It would have been nice if I could say that the Jabs were just a failure but they were much worse than that.  Millions were injured and even killed by the jabs.  They were not safe and everyone knew it.  The Edmonton Police Service chose to force it on their officers even though they knew the jabs were not safe.

A damning report on the Edmonton Police Service’s (EPS) COVID-19 response alleges leadership knew vaccines caused “serious” injury, then mandated them for officers and civilian employees, anyway.

Pfizer also knew their product was not safe but instead of spending money on product safety they chose to spend money on marketing.


The jabs are not safe.  Everyone in authority knew they were not safe.  The jabs were however quite profitable.  That is the root of the Jab narrative.  It is a story of greed.  Your safety was less important than their profits.  The only thing that stood between the sociopaths and your money was an emergency authorization which they got by manufacturing an emergency.


From the first day of the lockdowns COVID was nothing more than murder for profit.  It is shameful that not a single one of these murderers has faced justice.  There is no proper ending to COVID that does not include imprisoning all the co-conspirators.  That means locking up thousands of politicians, bureaucrats, and big pharma executives.

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