Venezuela with Snow

Every day in Justin Trudeau’s Canada there is a new stain on the legacy of what was once a promising country.  Yesterday was no exception.  The show trial of 3 of the Coutts 4 ended with mischief convictions.

The three had been charged for their roles in a blockade that tied up cross-border traffic between Canada and the United States at Coutts for two weeks in early 2022 in protest of COVID-19 rules and restrictions.

In true soviet fashion the National post is rewriting history in support of the regime.  The men were not charged with mischief, they were charged with conspiracy to commit murder.  That serious charge was used to hold all three for 2 years without bail.  The charge was bogus so when it was time for court it was dropped and the lesser charge of Mischief was used.  The courts then convicted them of the lesser charge even though there was no evidence the men did anything other than participate in a protest that they had no hand in organizing.

 “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime”

That was said by Lavrentiy Beria, Head of the secret police under Joseph Stalin but yesterday it could have been uttered by any Canadian politician, Judge, lawyer, or member to the royal Canadian Mounted police (RCMP).  These men did not spend 2 years in prison because they had committed some heinous crime.  They were convicted to send a message to Canadian citizens; “speak out against the government and this will happen to you”.

Canada is now officially a country that holds political prisoners and conducts show trials.  It is also a country where the government decides if you can even have your own money.


Trudeau’s Canada is such a dystopian shit hole that the only way out is to die.


Justin Trudeau did this to Canada but in a perverse way he is not to blame.  The voters are to blame.  Canadians voted for this and thus far have sat by mutely while Trudeau uses Canada’s version of the gestapo, the RCMP, to persecute political opponents.  This is why you cannot fix Canada.  The country is just too full of Canadians.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    That clip of the dying lady is poignant. Our country is completely broken and reminds me of what happens in the novel “Atlas Shrugged”.

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