Corrupt Politicians are Cheaper than Armies

History is full of megalomaniacs would tried to conquer the world.  All of those men had one thing in common.  They all failed.  Their armies always got stopped and eventually the empire they built fell.  It is not possible to control the world militarily.  Armies are far too expensive and visual.  Every conquered person knows who the enemy is.  The mighty US military could not even control Afghanistan for more than a generation.

A new empire is rising but this empire has chosen a different path.  Why spend money on armies when you only need to purchase a handful of corrupt politicians?  China has found they get what they want by installing puppets.  One of their early targets was Canada.  Canadians are only just learning now that China has been interfering with Canadian politics for years and as Lorrie Goldstein points out what we have learned so far is likely just the tip of the iceberg.

That is, does anyone seriously believe that hostile foreign states such as China confine their efforts at foreign interference to the federal level of government and only during federal elections?

For legal reasons Goldstein has to be polite.  He wonders if other politicians have accepted “help” from China.  My mind drifts a little more towards asking what kind of “help” did they receive.  Does anyone seriously believe that the Chinese help does not also include purchasing politicians?

Justin Trudeau is a Chinese asset.  Since becoming Prime Minister his net worth has ballooned.  There is no legitimate explanation for his wealth.  The Chinese own him and the only people who don’t seem to know it are Canadians.  Our allies certainly know it.  Increasingly Canada is excluded from sensitive meetings because no one wants to discuss defense capabilities when President Xi is in the room by proxy.

Canada has once again found itself on the outside looking in after some of its closest allies — the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia — announced the next phase of their new AUKUS security pact this week.

Trudeau was an easy target for china.  He is exactly what they look for in a western politician; stupid and corrupt.

“The CCP (Chinese Communist Party’s) assessment is that the Liberal Party leadership is astoundingly naive, remarkably uninformed and reliably unprincipled,” he said.

When it comes to controlling western politicians the Chinese know that stupidity helps but corruption is the key.  Corruption feeds on itself.  By purchasing Trudeau for a few million China has access to billions in Canadian tax revenue that they can use to purchase other politicians further down the food chain.  China is effectively purchasing Canadian Politicians with money stolen from Canadian taxpayers.

Canada’s finances are a mess.  This is on purpose.  The chaos is used to hide theft.  The Trudeau liberals publish fraudulent reports and budgets to hide all the ways they are misdirecting funds.

The inescapable conclusion is that the numbers in any budget document presented by this government cannot be believed and the credibility of the venerable Department of Finance is in tatters.

When you spend billions no one notices when millions go missing and Ottawa is a city where millions go missing every day.  Missing is not really the right word, however.  Trudeau knows where the money went.  There is a paper trail.  The money goes to the people China needs to help their sparkle sock puppet control the country.

The Trudeau government is paying up to $84 million to a company that employs Chief of Staff Katie Telford’s husband as a senior executive to administer its COVID-19 emergency commercial rent assistance program for small businesses.

By purchasing Trudeau China has been able to corrupt the entire government of Canada.  Canadians might not want to believe this but it is true.  Ottawa is a den of corruption.  Everyone is in on the theft.  That is how Ottawa, a city that produces absolutely nothing, has become the richest city in Canada.

Ottawa-Gatineau already had the highest median income of any Canadian metropolitan area before the pandemic, and the city widened its lead as COVID-19 restrictions clawed back earnings elsewhere, a new study suggests.

China effectively controls 40 million people and a G8 country simply by purchasing a handful of politicians and letting their greed do the rest.  And, don’t kid yourself, China is not happy just controlling Canada.  They are running the same play book in every other western nation.  That is why the media is full of stories of tax money vanishing.

Gavin Newsom’s California put billions of tax dollars into a cannon, aimed it in the general direction of homeless “expert” NGOs, lit the fuse, and walked away. The BOOM came when someone started asking questions about where the $24 billion went. That day of reckoning is finally here. And we learn that Gavin Newsom and his Democrat super-majority in this one-party state have no idea where it went or whether it did any good whatsoever.

The media cooperates by claiming no one knows where the money went.  That is not true.  China knows where it went.  Obedient pets like Gavin Newsom used it to purchase the loyalty of people they need.  Every western government is corrupt.  The further left the more corrupt.  That is just how China likes it.  Who needs an army when you have people like Trudeau and Newsom?  For the cost of one smart missile you can destroy entire countries.