Yogi Berra understood government

It is déjà vu all over again.  The government is gearing up for mandatory COVID vaccinations, AGAIN.  That is according to Joe Biden who is at least on paper part of the American government.  Joe gave an impromptu answer, something that must be terrifying for his handlers, about government COVID plans.  A new vaccine is coming and everyone is expected to take it.

He added, “Tentatively it is recommended that it will likely be recommended everybody get it no matter whether they’ve gotten it before or not.”

To be fair Joe did not use the word mandate but that is not how it started last time either.  Last time the vaccines started as a recommendation and then when it became clear a sizable minority rejected the recommendation it mutated into a mandate.  And, just like last time, Taxpayers will be on the hook for development costs but Pfizer gets to keep all the profits.

President Biden said Friday he plans to request additional funding from Congress for the development of a new COVID-19 vaccine, adding he may require everyone to take it whether they previously received a vaccine or not.

No development costs, captive market, no liability; it certainly is good to be Pfizer.  Have you ever seen this happen with any other medical treatment?  COVIDiots will point out that there are other mandatory vaccines but the COVID jab coercion is off the charts.  This is not a serious disease to over 95% of the population and there is not a shred of evidence that the first 5 jabs did anything other than make things worse.

Nothing seems to be able to derail the COVID jab train.  Even unacceptably high levels of contamination are somehow acceptable.  As long as Pfizer is not concerned neither is the government.

After two scientists independently raised red flags about an inordinate amount of plasmid DNA in the COVID-19 mRNA shots—which they say could potentially alter the human genome—Health Canada did not express concern with the findings, given the testing data provided by the manufacturers.

Why would Pfizer be concerned?  They are not liable for any damages.  Quality control costs money.  Why would Pfizer cut in to their own profits just to kill fewer people?

When I started this blog over 3 years ago I never imagined I would still be writing about COVID in 2023 but here we are.  Not only am I still writing about COVID we are right back at the beginning.  The Government is about to take a relatively harmless virus and make it deadly again by shutting down society and restricting medical treatment.


Are we really going to let them do this again?  Scratch that; I guess the question should be, are we really going to let them continue doing this?  At what point will the average person find these government sanctioned murders to be unacceptable?  When will we start putting these murderers in prison?