The Green energy transition is not the transition we need

Climate change policies are not about saving the planet.  They are about destroying your children’s future.  People who understand science know this but the public has been convinced that the planet must be saved in order to save their children’s future.  A great deal of effort was expended by media and politicians to convince you of this lie.  You were told that the green transition would save the planet and provide good jobs.  All we needed were a few windmills and solar panels to replace 85% of the worlds energy supply.  Really it is so simple it makes you wonder why we did not do it before.

Of course we did not do it before because it is incredibly stupid and our parents and grandparents were not stupid.  It took a great deal of effort to dumb our society down to the point where we would believe hottest ever declarations from fraudulent data.

However, Dr. Watts’ research has revealed that more than 90% of NOAA thermometers are in inappropriate places.

96% are in parking lots, on buildings, against brick walls, or in other artificial environments.

The bricks, asphalt, and other human construction materials used in these environments artificially trap heat, leading to a “warming bias” in the collected data.

Propagandists disguised as scientists feed data that they know is wrong in to simulators that are programmed to say that heat kills.  A great deal of time and money has been spent to ignoring that the simulators have absolutely no connection with reality.  The world is not “overheating”.

Thermometers placed in natural settings register lower average temperatures.

And, cold temperatures kill 10 times as many people as hot temperatures.

Björn Lomborg‘s version shows us exactly how important heat deaths are. It’s no small thing. The news outlets are filled with heatwave porn trying to scare people about normal weather, while politicians try to justify spending billions to “cool” the world. These graphs hide the crime — increasing the cost of energy will kill far more than mythical cooling could ever save.

This is symbolic of the state of Science today: distorted by government funding until the point of it disappears.


People believe this nonsense because government pays unethical scientists to lie and public education is no longer about education.  It is about accepting facts the government presents as unassailable truth.  Public schools have been the primary tool in the dumbing down of our society.  They have been so successful in their mandate that the tyrants no longer feel the need to lie about what they are doing.  They now are open about the fact that green energy cannot replace hydrocarbons and we just need to suck it up and understand we must accept less.

The Los Angeles Times published an op/ed Friday in which it perhaps unintentionally poses the central proposition of the mythical energy transition: “whether our expectations should evolve in the name of preventing climate catastrophe.”

I have a radical idea for the seriously dumbed down masses to consider.  Instead of accepting a green energy transition that cannot possibly supply the energy we need; why don’t we just do a government transition?  Why don’t we run off the morons currently in charge, tear the whole system down, and start over?  Your children would thank you for it.