The media is paving the way for another lockdown

There are persistent rumors out of Canada and the US that governments have already drawn up plans for lockdowns again this fall.  The first warnings came from Alex Jones who most people have been conditioned to dismiss but judging by the media behavior I think Alex could be on to something.  In the last 2 weeks I have seen multiple news stories from western media about new variants and rising cases.

Then yesterday I saw this article.  Emergency rooms in Ottawa are already full.  This is how the plandemic began in 2020.  There was a dangerous mysterious disease lurking in another country.  We must act now to protect our hospitals which apparently are not designed to protect us.  That triggered 3 years of reckless government spending and over reach.  Do you want to go back to that?

Media, in particular Canadian media, cooperate completely with the WEF clowns that infest western government.  They publish stories to advance the agenda.  What other possible agenda could they be supporting with stories of dangerous variants and full hospitals?

Normal rational people won’t fall for this but they did not fall for it last time and it made no difference.  Government will plow ahead because they know the sheep will follow.  I am already seeing signs of the sheeple’s compliance.  In the last week I have seen the return of people wearing masks in cars and while they are alone walking down the street.

We are months away from lockdowns and vaccine mandates.  Most people will comply but if enough of us stand up this can’t happen.  There are 170 thousand police and soldiers in Canada.  If even 10% of Canadians just say no there is nothing the government can do.  They cannot arrest 4 million people.  Don’t let this happen again.