How come conspiracy theories have better data than “proven” facts?

The left tells us climate change causes forest fires and the COVID vaccines are safe. Ordinary people are not supposed to question either statement.  The left wouldn’t lie now would they?  Because I am find the left somewhat less than trust worthy I decided to test their bold statements.

Has climate change caused forest fires or somehow made them worse?

To start I set aside the question about what is causing climate to change and simply examine the evidence for increasing forest fires.  It seems to me that on its own higher temperatures cannot produce dry conditions unless that hot weather also causes less rainfall.  So is climate change making the earth drier?  Since many of the fires now are in British Columbia Canada I searched for rainfall data for that province.  This is what I found on a government website with my first search.

Province-wide annual average precipitation has increased by 12 percent per century. Annual average precipitation increases ranged from 10 to 21 percent per century across 8 ecoprovinces.  There is no significant trend in annual average precipitation for the Northern Boreal Mountains ecoprovince.

So it seems the climate in BC is changing.  It is getting wetter.  That is a very inconvenient fact for the climate crowd don’t you think?  I am no expert but I can’t see how more precipitation leads to higher fire risk.  But maybe I am wrong maybe rain causes forest fires.  So is there any trend with fires in Canada?  Why yes there is.  Fires are trending down.

This, I am sure, is of little consolation to people in Kelowna who lost homes or people from Yellow Knife who were evacuated but data is data.  The data says naturally caused forest fires have not increased due to climate change.  Eco terrorism on the other hand seems directly linked to climate change.

I don’t know about you but this does not give me great confidence in the veracity of the Left’s other claim that the COVID vaccines are safe.  If the left did not bother to check the data before forming their opinion on forest fires do you think they checked the data on vaccine safety?  Since the left is preoccupied with setting fires that can be blamed on climate change I decided to check the vaccine safety information for them.  This is what I found (or friends sent me) just in the last 3 days.

It seems a lot of people are dying in heavily vaxxed Australia.  And a lot of people are suddenly getting sick in the United States.  So many that it should be considered statistically impossible for this to have occurred naturally.


So it is not natural, but is it the vaccines?  Well if it is not it certainly is difficult to explain why your chances of death go up with each shot.

What do we see? The more boosters (and COVID vaccines), the greater the overall mortality. I noted this trend, among others, and wrote a series of posts exploring the relationship between COVID vaccines and mortality.

It is even more difficult to explain why turbo cancers are not caused by injecting people with strands of SV40, a known cancer causing agent.


Clearly the data does not support that climate change is causing forest fires.  It also does not make a great case for vaccine safety.  I don’t know about you but I have an uneasy feeling that the left might be lying to me.  This is really making me question how effective my cloth mask is.