Reality cannot be wished away

When my son was a teenager he said something to me that was incredibly smart about defining Liberal and Conservative.  People often struggle to define what it is to be liberal or conservative.  Liberals like to claim that liberals are caring while conservatives are ruthless and uncaring.  That is objectively not true.  It is easy to find video of liberals committing acts of violence but not easy to find conservatives resorting to violence.  It is hard to describe liberal violence as caring.  I care so much I am willing to hurt others to get what I want is the liberal creed.

The reality is that the difference between the two groups is very easy to describe and was encapsulated perfectly in a few sentences by my son as a teenager.  The following are my sons words as closely as I can remember (it has been years since my son was a teenager).

“It seems to me that the difference between liberals and conservatives is that Conservatives are way more practical.  Liberals always get some idea.  Conservatives look at it and say, yeah we already tried that.  It didn’t work.  We are not going to try it again”.

I really don’t know if you can define the 2 groups better than that.  Liberals believe in change and believe change is always good if the intention was good.  Conservative don’t oppose change they oppose change for no reason.  Conservatives understand that even with the best of intentions changes can go horribly wrong.  Change is best done thoughtfully to address pressing needs.  If the need is not pressing it is best to leave alone what you don’t understand.

Liberals will say that their philosophy is the same.  The problem is that to them, every need is pressing and they think they understand everything.  In short they are delusional.  They will not recognize any practical constraints including their own ignorance.  They think reality can be bent to their will.

Dealing with liberals is like dealing with children who cannot differentiate between fantasy and reality.  This would be amusing if the childish thinking did not have such dire consequences.  Canada currently has a Liberal government that wants all power generation to be renewable or no emission by 2035.  Even the Canadian media admits this is wishful childish thinking.

Moving to a grid that is free of carbon emissions is a laudable goal, but the timelines and plan are highly unrealistic.

A high percentage of the generation in Canada is no emission.  It comes from Hydro or nuclear.  The problem is that some jurisdictions like Saskatchewan and Alberta do not have the topography necessary for hydro and don’t currently have any nukes.  Under Canadian regulations it is impossible to build even a single nuclear plant by 2035 let alone the dozen that would be needed.  To comply with these regulations both provinces would need to stop using electricity.

Alberta and Saskatchewan can be brutally cold in the winter.  The cost of compliance would be human lives. But, the children in the federal government don’t believe this.  They think Alberta and Saskatchewan are just not trying hard enough to make this happen.  This ignores the reality that what prevents this from happening quickly is federal regulation.  The same group of children that want us to quickly build nukes are the ones enforcing regulations that make it impossible.

All of those caring liberals have a shocking disregard for human life.  They don’t care if their policies will kill people in the future.  They don’t even care that their policies are killing people now in the Ukraine and in Hawaii.  To liberals those deaths are not their fault.  The Ukrainians and Hawaiians are just not trying hard enough.

Liberals have kept the Ukraine war going for months.  In the fantasy world they live in NATO is so powerful and Russia so weak there was no way that Ukraine would not prevail.  The problem with fantasy is they eventually reality will intrude.  Behind closed doors NATO has finally admitted the Ukrainian counter offensive has failed.

Officials have voiced grave doubts about the Ukrainian mission in a classified intel report, the contents of which were relayed to the Post on Thursday, with the outlet citing Moscow’s “brutal proficiency” in defending captured territory.

NATO has shown itself to be a paper tiger.  All the advanced weapons we sent to the Ukraine just got more Ukrainians killed.  NATO is also quickly running out of weapons to send while Russia seems able to produce an endless supply.  Thousands of Ukrainians died because liberals cannot comprehend reality.  The reality is that Russia is 5 times larger than the Ukraine and NATO countries have outsourced all of their manufacturing capacity to China.  Ukraine does not have enough soldiers and we don’t have enough weapons to win this war.

The Maui fires have also demonstrated again the tragic consequences of childish liberal thinking.  The media told us the fire that destroyed Lahaina were brush fires.  This made no sense since the fires was burning in a ring around the city.  The only way this happens is if the fire started in the city and worked its way out.  This also did not make any sense.  My first thought was if the fire started inside the city why couldn’t the fire department put it out before it consumed the entire city?  Is the Lahaina fire department that incompetent?

This morning it all makes sense.  The fire department is not incompetent the city council are the incompetent ones.  The water reservoirs the fire department relies on were empty due to environmental concerns.  In a liberal fantasy world a fire department can fight fires without water if they just try hard enough.

The western world is infested with liberal governments right now.  Their Childish thinking and stubborn refusal to accept reality is getting people killed.  This will keep happening until voters wake up and start electing adults.  Children should never be put in positions of authority; even children as old as Trudeau or Biden.  They just get people killed.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    I agree with everything you said. However, I would stress that all these horrific disasters that the liberals created were made inevitable by the voters that elected them. Or 35-50% of the voters in any event. People are getting what they voted for.

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