Economic destruction based on a lie

The new trend on Twitter is for Canadians to post videos trying to articulate their despair.  They all have good jobs yet still struggle to survive.  The post below is a particularly good one.


Canada has become unaffordable and it was done intentionally.  The Canadain government wants to impoverish Canadians so that they have no choice but to turn to the government for help.  When that happens they own you.  You will have no choice but to accept CBDC and 15 minute prisons.

The hammer Canadians are being bludgeoned with is climate change.  Canadians better wake up.  Climate change is the longest running fraud in history.  It is true that climate changes.  It is not true that humans are the primary cause.  The science even says that.  There is simply not enough energy left for CO2 to capture to make much of a difference.  The “dangerous” warming comes from positive feedbacks that magnify the rather insignificant CO2 warming.

The problem with the theory, and yes it is a THEORY, is these positive feedback loops do not exist.  Climate alarmists have been search for them for decades with no success.  Canadian politicians are destroying the country based on a theory that is wrong.  You will never hear that said in Canada but the rest of the world is finally waking up to this scam.