We should be ashamed of what we allowed Government to do

Steve Kirsch has been a thorn in the side of the COVID establishment since he was injured by the vax.  While I sometimes find Kirsch’s logic a little convoluted I still must tip my hat to him.  His dogged persistence has enabled him to uncover information the government would rather have kept hidden.  Lately Kirsch has turned his attention to nursing homes in the US and as per usual he has uncovered some startling information.

Just 5 days ago I linked information from kirsch’s blog about a nursing home that lost nearly 30% of the patients within 3 weeks of vaccinating everyone.  Now Steve has uncovered information from another nursing home that is even more disturbing.

A 100 bed nursing home run by Promedica saw 58 COVID deaths in the 2 months after they vaccinated their patients.  If I were in the media I would claim that without vaccination that number would have been even worse.  There would be one problem with that narrative though because there were only 20 confirmed COVID cases over the same period.  Talk about new math; 58 people died of a disease that only 20 of them had.

It is easy to see what really happened, 20 people possibly died of COVID and at least 38 people died from the COVID vaccine.  Also obvious is that they knew this and covered it up by labeling all of the deaths as COVID.  Unfortunately the high level of deaths did not stop and continued for the rest of the year.  In March and April of 2021 this 100 bed facility lost another 153 patients.  They probably had to install a large revolving door so that bodies could be carried out as new patients were carried in.

In 2020 we were told that everyone must sacrifice everything to protect seniors.  Then we sat by silently and watched government kill seniors by the thousands.  In Ontario seniors died in isolation because their caregivers were too frightened to show up for work.  New York, and New Jersey state governments intentionally placed infected seniors back in to care homes rather than use the temporary hospitals Trump had provided.  The UK took it one step further and were actively euthanizing seniors with illegal DNR declarations and lethal drug cocktails.


All of these deaths were classified as COVID but they were not.  They were all murder.  Then when the effects of COVID began to wane government continued their killing spree with the COVID vax.

Some day when the proper accounting is done we will find that COVID killed relatively few people while government murdered millions, mostly seniors.  A cynic might say that they were culling people who were costing them money and not paying income tax.  Frankly I don’t care what their motivation was.  Every single politician that enforced these policies has the blood of thousands on their hands.  They must be punished for their crimes.


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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    If someone murders a single person, they get 10-25 years in prison. If they murder 5, they get a few life sentences. If they murder tens of thousands as a government employee, they get a bonus and a promotion.

    Fauci’s name must go down in history like the names of his soulmates, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot and Castro. Although frankly Fauci may ultimately have killed more than all of them combined.

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