It started as Fraud and then became much worse

There are reports now that the NIH received $325 million in royalty payments from the COVID vaccines.  This is one of the ways that drug manufacturers get their products approved.  They put the names of prominent bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci on their patents so that they get a piece of the action.  This is an obvious bribe.  When Fauci was questioned about how much he makes from royalties, he arrogantly answered that the law does not obligate him to disclose how much he makes from these unethical arrangements.

So the people who regulated and promoted the COVID Jabs had a financial interest in forcing you to take it.  I am confident you will find this in every country.  There is a persistent rumor in Canada that Prime Minister Trudeau is a major shareholder in the Canadian company that holds the patent for lipid nanoparticles.  Trudeau made money off of his own vaccine mandates.

This revelation and the Trudeau rumors are not a surprise to me.  I have been saying this since the beginning.  None of this makes sense unless money was changing hands.  The COVID jabs are one of the most unnecessary medical interventions in history.  They are not vaccines.  At best the COVID vaccines offer partial temporary protection.  They cannot prevent infection, transmission, or disease.  Theoretically they give you a head start on recovery from a disease most people would have recovered from on their own.  They are as helpful as cough syrup.  Should we mandate cough syrup during cold and flu season?

There is no way that the people in charge thought these treatments would work.  Any new treatment can have unpredictable long term side effects.  The people in charge also know this.  So why would you mandate a treatment with very little potential benefit when you do not know the downside?  You wouldn’t, of course, unless you were being paid to do it.

This decision was criminal.  It was fraud, but what started out as fraud turned in to something far worse.  Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, have died.  The people in charge knew that this might happen and they went ahead anyway.  Their financial interests were more important than your life.

Callous disregard for the welfare of others is a symptom of psychopathy.

  • behavior that conflicts with social norms

  • disregarding or violating the rights of others

  • inability to distinguish between right and wrong

  • difficulty with showing remorse or empathy

  • tendency to lie often

  • manipulating and hurting others

  • recurring problems with the law

  • general disregard toward safety and responsibility

  • expressing anger and arrogance on a regular basis

  • lack deep emotional connections

  • have a superficial charm about them

  • be very aggressive

  • get very angry sometimes

Can you go down that list and find a single thing that does not apply to either Justin Trudeau or Anthony Fauci?  I am not a psychiatrist but I would say from a layman’s perspective both of those men are psychopaths who should have never been given power over others.

It is too late to reverse the damage these men have done but it is not too late to punish them.  It does not matter whether or not they intended to kill anyone.  Their criminal activity resulted in thousands of deaths.  That is still homicide in my books.