Canadian media works hard to keep Canadians in the Dark

It is not unusual for Canadian media to defend hard left politicians.  Recently they have taken to defending hard left organizations.  I have noticed a number of articles like this one lately defending the World Economic Forum.  Canadian media wants to assure Canadians that the WEF does not really have an agenda to rule the world.  As evidence they point out that every single influential politician hangs on there every word.

Canada has long participated in WEF events. Former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper and his cabinet ministers attending the summit regularly. Trudeau attended in person in 2016 and 2018 and his ministers have attended as well. Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland went to the most recent annual summit in January.

So I am supposed to take comfort in the fact that for decades Canadian politicians have been making the annual pilgrimage to Davos.  Apparently they go there, listen intently, and then dismiss everything out of hand.  That completely explains why they go back every year.  It does, however, leave me with one question.  If this annual pilgrimage has no influence why do they all run home and implement every insane policy that was discussed?  Policies like Digital IDs which CTV is quick to note are no big deal.

On digital IDs, the federal government has been looking at technology to create a national digital identification document to help people access government services. It has not been promoted as something that will become mandatory.

Just like vaccines were not mandatory until they were.

CTV news is disgusting.  They are prepared to carry the water for the WEF and Justin Trudeau.  Obviously they have never stopped to consider the implications of their actions.  What do all the CTV reporters think will happen to them once the WEF succeeds in fully implementing their agenda?  Useful idiots lose their usefulness once the revolution is over.  Once all of our institutions are corrupt, something we are already dangerously close to, the ruling elite will have no further need for the paid shills at CTV.  They are sowing the seeds of their own destruction.