More from the people sounding like me file

Just 3 days ago I posted about how there a growing group of prominent people are willing to say exactly what I have been saying for years now.  In some cases I suspect their attitudes have not really changed.  What changed is their sense that it is now OK to say what they were thinking all along.  Up until now they have all been self-censoring; something I have never been very good at.

Yesterday I came across 2 more examples.  First we have Senator Ron Johnson clearly stating that the pandemic was planned right down to the intentional release of the virus.

I think the evidence supported this conclusion as early as June 2021 when I wrote this.

We need to accept then that an intentional release makes as much sense as an accident.  How do we tell which it was?   In my mind these are the things that point to this being intentional.

I confess I was dragged to this conclusion by my brother.  From day one he noted the uniform execution of ridiculous policies by government was highly suspicious.  As he so eloquently put it in the spring of 2020 “it is like the F&*king planned this”.

At first I thought COVID policy stemmed from an abundance of stupidity.  I had concluded long ago that government and intelligence are mutually exclusive so it was easy for me to follow my bias and conclude it was just more government stupidity.  A year later it was impossible to believe that it was just stupidity.  No one, not even people in government could possibly be that stupid.

Since June of 2021 I have not found anything that makes me reconsider my conclusion that the release was intentional and part of a larger plan.  In fact everything that has come to light only strengthens my conclusion.

The most controversial thing about COVID is that this was all planned.  I have said this many times.  Over a year ago I listed my reasons for believing the lab leak was not an accident.  If my arguments in June of 2021 were not compelling enough I have one more point for you to consider.  If the release was an accident why did Anthony Fauci behave the way he did?

The next example is Dr. Scott Atlas admitting he expects to see future lockdowns.


I have expressed many times that lockdowns were too useful politically to abandon.  They don’t help with viral outbreaks but they do work exceptionally well for their intended purpose of tyranny and wealth transfer.  Governments everywhere are overjoyed by how successful lockdowns were.  That is why with only a few exceptions even opposition politicians will not condemn lockdowns.

Everything about the COVID emergency was fake, but the love government has for lockdowns is very real.  No one in government will condemn lockdowns for 2 reasons.

  1. They want to use lockdowns again. Lockdowns established a precedent that in a “crisis” government can suspend human rights indefinitely.  This is every tyrant’s wet dream; it gives them complete control over every aspect of your life.  Why would they give this up?
  2. If they admit Lockdowns were wrong they might have to explain why they used them.

The second reason is the real stumbling block.  Lockdowns have no public health benefit.  We knew that before COVID.  Their purpose was entirely political.  Lockdowns were part of a larger plan that started with the intentional release of a virus.

It is encouraging that so many people are now willing to say the things I have for the last 3.5 years.  I am under no illusions though.  It is not because I am smarter than these people.  They self-censored and I did not.  That also did not make me braver.  They had a lot more to lose than I did.  My life, career, and income do not depend on political correctness which is a good thing since I suck at political correctness.