How much longer must we continue with this charade?

I saw an article by CTV news this morning about how doctors are struggling to help people with mysterious heart ailments.  The article highlighted the plight of a young firefighter who is now incapacitated.

Somehow, a mild case of COVID-19 set off a chain reaction that eventually left Camilleri with dangerous blood pressure spikes, a heartbeat that raced with slight exertion, and episodes of intense chest pain.

Yes it is absolutely a mystery how this happened to a fit firefighter who was forced to take an experimental medical treatment multiple times.  How stupid would you need to be to believe this was caused by a mild case of COVID which he likely contracted after his vaccinations?

As an engineer I often get asked to help find why a piece of equipment suddenly becomes problematic.  The first question that is always asked is what changed?  95% of the time the new problem resulted from a recent change.  5% of the time the new problem is something that was building in the background that we simply were not aware of yet.  The point is you would waste a lot of time chasing the 5% first.  You always start with the obvious and it is F&*King obvious what is causing his heart problems.

COVID is new but not everyone got COVID while almost everyone got multiple doses of the new COVID vaccine.  Couple that with the fact that these “mysterious” problems did not manifest until after people were vaccinated and you get your 95% probability.  The COVID vaccinations are the obvious place to start the investigation yet that is not happening.

This is not stupidity.  No one, except maybe Trudeau, is this stupid.  This is a crime and CTV news is complicit.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    reminds me of my favorite George Carlin quote: “ Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”.

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