None of it worked

In March of 2020 we were locked down for the first time.  The lockdowns, we were told, were to protect seniors.  Everyone on earth was to sacrifice in order to protect Grandma and Grandpa.  Remarkably no one stopped to ask if grandma and grandpa wanted to be isolated from their families.  Then when the vaccines arrived we were told everyone must take them also to protect grandma and grandpa.

As soon as everyone was vaccinated seniors would be safe.  So how did that work out?  Did the vaccines save seniors from getting COVID?  I think you know the answer to that.  The Jabs caused a huge spike in COVID among seniors just as they did with every other age group.

But it was less severe COVID right?  Isn’t that what the Jabs were really designed to do; prevent serious disease?  In a sense that part was true.  The problem is that the jabs seemed to prevent serious COVID by killing seniors before they had a chance to die from COVID.  One nursing home saw nearly 30% of their patients die within 3 weeks of vaccination.

To protect seniors we spent trillions of dollars on things that were exceptionally harmful to seniors.  Isolating seniors in their last remaining years was cruel.  How many died alone and afraid?  We did not save a single senior which is tragic but what is worse we forced young people to take a dangerous medication they did not need, with predictable results.  Young people with nothing but unfulfilled potential are dropping dead in front of their families.

A teenager has collapsed and died suddenly in front of his entire family after making a big announcement about his future during a large gathering.

The government killed someone’s grandson in a futile attempt to keep the grandparents safe.  Do you think any grandparent would have agreed to this if they had been given the choice?  Government is stealing lives and futures.  Young people are so full of potential.  This is so sad.