I welcome the company

I have always considered myself a bit of an outlier.   I once told my daughter that I know I am not normal.  That is not to say that I have any sort of defect.  If you define normal by how the average person thinks or behaves than I am absolutely not normal.  I will not believe just because I am told to believe.  I stubbornly insist on making up my own mind based on my own analysis of the data.  Simply put when the media or government tells me an obvious lie I cannot be shamed in to believing it.  That puts me well outside the norm.

When the COVID farce started then, I did not find it strange to be swimming against the current.  Most people dutifully obeyed even the most ridiculous restrictions while I was pointing the absolute lack of logic or science behind the restrictions.  All that is finally changing though; slowly many people are starting to sound exactly like me.   In March of this year Edward Dowd stated that the government is committing Democide.  Then in august he called the COVID vaccines the largest fraud in history.


I said almost the exact same things nearly 2 years ago in Sept 2021.  First I pointed out that COVID was not killing nearly as many people as the government was by interfering with medical treatment.


We are definitely in a pandemic but it has little to do with COVID.  We have a pandemic of unconstrained government evil and medical neglect.

The Hippocratic Oath used to say “first do no harm”.  At some point in the last 2 years it became,

“First check with government.  Then do the harm that they dictate”. 

Doctors should be ashamed.


Then later that month I called the jabs the largest crime in history.


The real crime is not the non-disclosure of the jab’s temporary nature.  That is small potatoes compared to concealing the jabs damage your immune system.  

The word crime seemed more appropriate since the jabs don’t just involve fraud.  People died in great numbers.  I don’t want to trivialize their deaths by just calling it a fraud.  The Jabs are much worse than that.

It took 2 years but now people are starting to sound like me.  Frankly I find it a little confusing.  I am not used to having so much company as I swim upstream.