Once more the spike protein is the culprit

A lot of people have died since 2021.

According to the media there are a multitude of reasons why previously perfectly healthy people die suddenly.  The only thing that does not cause this epidemic of sudden death is the COVID vaccines which have of course saved everyone, except the people who died suddenly.  Anyone who points out that the “died suddenly” epidemic coincides perfectly with vaccinations is a dangerous conspiracy theorist.

I think it is time to do something the media is simply incapable of.  It is time to be honest.  People are not dying of climate change or missed doctor’s appointments. It is obviously the vax.  The vax does not kill everyone suddenly.  Some it permanently injures and some it will kill at a later date.  Shortly after the vaccines started doctors started to notice immune system suppression.  Many like Dr. Ryan Cole warned that this would lead to secondary infections and even cancers.  All of that has come to pass.  The immune system suppression has even caused a resurgence of leprosy.  Leprosy is a latent infection that can be triggered by impaired T-cell activity.

Lepromatous leprosy occurs in infected individuals with impaired T-cell immunity resulting in anergy.

(“Anergy” is defined as the “absence of an immune response to a particular disease.”)

T cell impairment was noted in 2021 but no one knew how the COVID jabs were causing it.  Now thanks to a new paper we do know.  The spike proteins attack helper T cells in much the same way that HIV does.

The decision to include spike protein in the experimental shots may wind up being the most deadly, recklessly negligent, reprehensible, and ultimately horrifying decision ever to emerge from fevered imaginations of mediocre government scientists. Spike’s mechanism of attacking CD4 cells — directly attacking the immune system itself — should have been an absolute disqualifier for inclusion of spike protein in the jabs.

Let’s think about this for a minute so that everyone is clear on just exactly how evil this is.  The spike protein was engineered to make the virus more contagious and to destroy T cells.  The virus was released and shortly thereafter so were the vaccines.  MRNA vaccines were designed around the spike protein.  You know that piece of the virus that makes it destroy your immune system.  And then, just to top off this shit Sunday of evil, Ivermectin, a drug that binds to the spike protein preventing it from destroying T cells gets banned.

They did not miss a trick did they?  For the longest time I believed that COVID was about greed.  While certainly that was part of it I think there is something much more nefarious at work.  You can be greedy without killing people and these vaccines seem designed to kill large numbers of people by stealth.  If immune function cannot be restored millions more will die over the next several years.  This is the largest crime in history.