Trudeau owes his success to dishonest Canadian media

There is a new poll out that shows Justin Trudeau has more haters than admirers across every age group in every corner of the country.  He truly is the most Hated prime minister of all time.  He might even be the most hated Canadian in history.  These results are not really all that shocking.  Justin is stupid, incompetent, and has no redeeming qualities as a human being.  What is shocking is that it took Canadians 10 years to figure it out.

Media outside of Canada looks at Trudeau’s childish antics with bemusement.  They simply don’t understand how Trudeau happened in the first place.  To them it is obvious.  Trudeau is a poor candidate who was not vetted properly by Canadian media.

At some point, the sheer volume of oblivious damage control for Trudeau’s oblivious behavior demands a harsh conclusion: The prime minister may simply lack the capacity to grasp basic cultural norms the rest of us take for granted. His sheltered upbringing, one so extreme it prevented him from understanding a concept as infamous as blackface until he was in his 30s, is less excuse than cause for ongoing alarm.

Trudeau is a joke.  The rest of the world sees it but it took Canadians 10 years to see it because Canadian media is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the liberal party.  Every single stupid thing Trudeau says or does is covered up or ignored by the media.  That practice continues even today.

10 years ago Trudeau said he admired communist China because their dictatorship allows them to do things without public consent.  That should have been splattered all over every newspaper but it was ignored.  Now 10 years later we have learned that the communists that Justin admires operate illegal police stations and actively interfere with Canadian elections.  If a conservative Prime Minister admired a dictator who was rigging elections, the media would hound him day and night.  Yet with Trudeau the media treats the story like a non-event.

You will never convince me that Canadians are smart.  Canadian media is not exactly subtle.  Most of what they broadcast is ridiculous.  It takes a lot of willful ignorance to believe Canadian media.  Sadly, most Canadians are up to the task.  But still, if Canadian media was not so thoroughly dishonest and corrupt even Canadians would have seen through Trudeau long before this.  Everything in Canada is broken and media helped swing the hammer.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Failed grade 7 – hadn’t heard that one. But it makes sense because every single thing he does is at the grade 6 level. Or am I insulting grade sixers?

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