Government Enforced Medical Neglect Kills more than the Virus

A few days ago I posted part of an interview of Dr. Ryan Cole.  In the snippet that I posted Dr. Cole was discussing how the COVID jabs are suppressing natural immunity.  This is already leading to increased infections and even cancer.  A friend of mine found the entire 30 minute interview and sent it to me.

The 30 minute interview covers much we have been discussing on this blog.  Dr. Cole did produce one startling statistic I have not found before.  Following the McCullough COVID treatment protocol results in 86% fewer COVID deaths.  The flow chart below is the protocol from a paper published by Dr. McCullough.

Notice that he recommends that the patient should immediately receive 2 or more anti-virals.  He uses the evil Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).  Yes the most vilified drug in the western world is part of a protocol saving thousands of lives.  Ivermectin is another strong anti-viral that has also been used with great success.  Both drugs have a good long term safety records.  Governments have discouraged or outright banned the use of both.  They prefer doctors only use jabs with absolutely no long term safety data.

You can watch the whole interview below.


The protocol and the results have been published in medical journals.  I found it in less than one minute, with one search using Duckduckgo.  The entire paper can be seen here.

There is no way that doctors are not aware of this protocol.  So why aren’t all doctors using it then?  Maybe the answer is in the Project Veritas’s video.  If you have not seen the video you can find it here.

Doctors in this hospital will not use Ivermectin because they fear government reprisals.  They would rather let patients die than risk the ire of government.  We are definitely in a pandemic but it has little to do with COVID.  We have a pandemic of unconstrained government evil and medical neglect.

The Hippocratic Oath used to say “first do no harm”.  At some point in the last 2 years it became,

“First check with government.  Then do the harm that they dictate”. 

Doctors should be ashamed.