The FDA Pumps the Brakes

A helpful reader sent me this article yesterday.

A few days ago the FDA declined to approve booster jabs for anyone under 65.  Most of the articles written in the main stream media explained that the FDA thought it was simply too soon.  They did not want to take the focus off getting the first 2 jabs into everyone.  This article was interesting because it was the only one that mentions safety concerns.

This is what is so evil about the main stream media.  They are not in the business of reporting news.  They are in the business of manufacturing opinion.  The opinion they want you to hold is that booster shots are safe and necessary; we just don’t need them quite yet.

If a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?  If the media does not report something does that mean it did not happen?  The main stream media did not report that the FDA entertained several presentations about vaccine injuries.  During one presentation an expert gave his opinion that men under 40 should not receive the jabs.  The risk of myocarditis was higher than the risk of the virus.

The FDA was not only concerned with timing.  The track record of these Jabs is awful.  Other vaccines have been pulled for a fraction of the problems that these Jabs have produced.  The original Pfizer approval was obviously made under duress.  The FDA succumbed to political pressure.  Creepy Joe wanted to use the approval to push forward with vaccine mandates.

Now creepy Joe wants to start a booster program.  Once again the FDA is under intense political pressure but this time they did not cave.  It looks like the FDA is trying to distance themselves from the Jabs.  This might be the most hopeful thing that has happened since March of 2019 when this tyranny began.