At what point do we declare Canada a Banana Republic?

The big COVID news out of Canada yesterday is 2 of the Coutts 4 were released from prison after pleading guilty to lesser charges.  The Coutts 4 had participated in the protest at the Alberta Coutts Border crossing that coincided with the Freedom convoy protest in Ottawa.  While the 2 protests were united by a similar cause, freedom, they were independent protests.

On February 14th 2022 the RCMP raided a trailer at the protest and arrested Anthony Olienick, Chris Carbert, Christopher Lysak, and Jerry Morin on charges of conspiracy to commit murder.  The RCMP alleged that the 4 men were planning to kill RCMP officers.  Justin Trudeau used the arrest as justification to invoke the emergencies act and crush the Freedom convoy protesters in Ottawa; a similar but unrelated protest happening 2000 miles away from where the arrests were made.

So this effectively ended the freedom movement.  One arrest wrapped the whole thing up nicely for Justin Trudeau.  There is only one problem with this convenient, tidy, narrative.  It is all a lie.

The serious charge of conspiring to kill police officers was used to keep all 4 in prison for 2 years without trial.  Now the conspiracy charges have evaporated and 2 have been released in return for pleading to lesser charges.  Lysiak plead guilty of unauthorized possession of a hand gun.  This sounds bad but it was just improperly stored.  Morin plead guilty to conspiracy to traffic firearms even though there is no evidence he illegally sold a single firearm and was not charged with this at the time of his arrest.  All of a sudden we find out that no actual police officers were ever at risk.

All of this is bad but this is not just a tale of overactive and incompetent policing.  This was a conspiracy involving the National Police force, the Federal judicial system, the media, and the Prime Minister.  The police arrested 4 men on false charges and the injustice system held them on those fake charges for 2 years until the men were desperate enough to plead to lesser fake charges.  All the while the public were convinced of their guilt because the media repeatedly published this photo that many pointed out could not be real.

And, the crowning achievement of this conspiracy was that the Justin Trudeau used the false arrest of these 4 men as an excuse to persecute a much larger group in Ottawa.

It is a small comfort that two of Canada’s political prisoners are now free. But no Canadian is free when their civil liberties can be trampled at will by their Prime Minister.

Releasing these 4 men has not restored Justice in Canada.  This was a crime committed by the state and no one involved is facing any repercussions.  This cannot end here.


Canadians need to wake up to just how serious this is.  This is truly banana republic stuff.  Canada has fallen so far that I am surprised Justin Trudeau does not make public appearances in a fake uniform with fake medals on his chest.