Killing not just trust

The following video was posted online by a doctor alarmed at what he is seeing.


Do you think he is the only doctor seeing these problems?  Of course not; I am certain every doctor has noticed a significant increase in unusual ailments among their patients.  So why are more doctors not speaking out?

I can only speculate as to the reasons but right away 2 come to my mind.  Many doctors were eager to take the payments for vaccinating their patients and now don’t want to admit they put the money ahead of their patients.  Or, big pharma has so firmly captured the medical establishment that doctors do not want to upset the gravy train.  This is not about money they have already been paid.  It is about future income that they are unwilling to put at risk.

The first reason is bad but understandable.  Covering up mistakes is wrong but also a predictable, normal, human behavior.  The second is obscene.  The mistakes are being covered so that they can and will be made again.  There may be other reasons that a less cynical person might propose but the only people who really know are the doctors themselves.  They are the only ones who can say why they are choosing to be accomplices to murder.

The poor girl in that example died 26 days after her COVID vax but that was not the only vaccine administered.  Are some of those products unsafe or is it all of them?  Is it the combination that is unsafe?  These are the kinds of questions that need to be asked but they are also the kinds of questions that could limit pharmaceutical profits so no one seems willing to ask them.

Clearly the COVID jabs are a problem.  Excess deaths increased right after the roll out.  But that does not mean the others are not also a problem.  Remember excess deaths are deaths over and above a base line.  The base line already includes deaths from other vaccines that have been misattributed to other causes.

We need to start having a frank conversation about all of these products.  Which are necessary and which are not.  Are there any that are too dangerous to use and how should they be used?  Is it OK to give multiple vaccines at once?  The only way to restore faith in modern medicine is to stop dismissing anti-vaxxers and start having long overdue debates.  In short we need to stop killing people for profit.


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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    The rate and incidence of autism, severe allergies and many more including SIDS skyrocketed soon after the implementation of vaccines for anything and everything. Quite the coincidence.

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