The only thing more widespread than the damage is the denial

Heart attacks and strokes are way up the media and government continue ignore the problem.  Heart attacks in young people with no history of heart problems are attributed to skipping imaginary doctor’s appointments or not taking medications that have never been prescribed.  The whole thing is insane and tragically what we have seen to date is likely just the tip of the iceberg.


Governments and media continue to deny the link between the jabs and heart damage despite the fact we now have solid scientific evidence that it is happening and it is wide spread.  The same can be said of circulatory problems.  Way back in 2021 Dr. Hoffe proved definitively that 62% of his patients experienced blood clots after the jabs.

He performed D dimer tests before and after on his vaccinated patients.  You know actual science.  He found the jabs caused blood clots in 62% of his patients.

The government says the jabs are safe.  Science says they are not. Talk about an inconvenient truth.  The government also says the Jabs are effective.  But again the data inconveniently says they are not.

19,700 deaths from “COVID-19” in 2022, up from 15,900 in 2020.

And this after 7 COVID-19 Vaccines recommended by NACI.

This is proof that COVID-19 Vaccines did not save a single life.

There is no evidence the jabs saved anyone and mountains of evidence that they continue to cause harm.  Why are we still using them?  Are we insane?  The people behind this know the data.  They know the jabs have done nothing but increase the number of people who have died.  It is way past time to start prosecuting them.