It was never necessary or safe and everyone knew that

Safe and effective was a very powerful marketing tool but that is all it was, a marketing tool.  I have pointed out many times on this blog that the people who repeated this mantra did not have any reason to believe the Jabs were safe and effective.  In fact they had every reason to believe they would be neither safe nor effective.

It was well known before the COVID jabs that intramuscular injections for respiratory infections do not prevent infection or transmission.  So no one else gets protected when you take your vaccine. However, a traditional vaccine produces a full immune response so at least the person who takes it is protected.  The problem is that the COVID jabs are not vaccines.  By design they produce only a partial immune response that will be temporary in nature.  That’s why in May of 2021 I pointed out that the jabs would make no difference to the pandemic.

Anyone with any medical knowledge must have known the jabs were not likely to work and carried an unknown future risk.  Even bureaucrats and politicians with no medical knowledge must have known the jabs were not likely safe or effective because even Pfizer would not tell them the jabs were either safe or effective.

I have discussed the contracts before but the ex-constable pointed out something I had not previously considered.  South Africa signed that contract in April and vaccinated the first person on April 28th 2021.  By that time 1 billion doses had been administered worldwide starting nearly 5 months previously.  Not all these doses were Pfizer but the lions share was.  So Pfizer had administered 100s of millions of doses and with 5 months of data were still not willing to say their product was either safe or effective.

Of course they knew by that time that it was neither.  Every country in the world had seen thousands of “breakthrough” infections by this time and doctors were seeing vaccine injured patients everywhere.  The response should have been to stop.  Instead governments just chose to fire anyone who talked about it.

We did not need to wait for the bodies to drop to know what an enormously bad idea the jabs were.  The science said that they would make little to no difference and by January 2021 the world knew the lipid-nanoparticles did not stay in the shoulder.  This discovery should have ended this whole farce.  Because they could go anywhere the lipid-nanoparticles and mRNA had the potential to damage every organ in the body.  This should have been seen as an unacceptable risk.

So to recap from day one we knew the jabs were unlikely to be much of a benefit and had undefined risks.  Then by January of 2021 we knew they were incredibly risky.  We should have never started but we did.  Even after that mistake it only took weeks to discover we should stop, yet we did not.  Too many people were making too much money.

Now 3 years later millions of people have been injured and our concern is still that no one should talk about it.


The link between covid vaccines and myocarditis and early death particularly in the young, highlighted by Peter McCullough and colleagues as well as by Aseem Malhotra here in the UK, is incontestable. Now we have a confirmatory report from the CDC in the US, data that the authorities here have refused to act on so as not to alarm vaccinated patients!


In addition to melanoma these colleagues were also very concerned about a sudden big increase in young patients with colorectal cancer.

Rather than instigating a proper inquiry to investigate this when we raised these concerns, the medical authorities told us all that what we were witnessing was a coincidence, that we had to prove it and above all, not to upset our patients

Isn’t that compassionate?  We should not talk about proven vaccine injuries because we don’t want people who took the jabs to be upset or God forbid, alarmed.  People who trusted government and took the jabs have every right to be both upset and alarmed.  They were subject to a dangerous treatment not because they needed it but because someone else was profiting from it.  The COVID Jabs are the largest crime in history.  People need to start getting upset.