COVID tyranny was just another symptom of our cultural decline

Modern western culture that originated in Europe and migrated to North America has been in serious decline for decades now.  For some strange reason people in Europe and North America came to believe that everything we had done in the past that led us to where we are today was somehow wrong.  This is a rather bizarre belief because all of the “wrong” beliefs and decisions built incredibly prosperous and tolerant societies.  The latest iteration of our decline is woke ideology.

To be woke is to find fault in everything; to believe that all of our positive results are not really positive.  It is a special form of insanity that causes people to believe that the only way to make things better is to make them worse.  The way to end racism is to be racist against a select group.  The way to even the playing field is to penalize some people while letting others play by a different set of rules.  It makes absolutely no sense but don’t try to explain that to adherents of this philosophy.  To them the only way to move forward is to deny every hard earned lesson from the past.

The only western cultures that are trying to hold out against this nonsense are all in Eastern Europe.  That is why I am not surprised that the only real COVID inquiry was kicked off in Slovakia where a serious skeptic has been appointed to head the inquiry.

On Thursday, Slovak National Party (SNS) MP and known anti-vaxxer Peter Kotlár was appointed as the government’s official proxy to lead the inquiry into the management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kotlár said that he wants to examine whether measures to contain the pandemic “were not a crime against humanity, threatening the health of our citizens

In the absence of woke ideology I doubt COVID tyranny could have happened.  COVID mitigations were the epitome of woke.  We threw out every lesson of the past in favor of things that sounded good.  Before COVID we knew;

  • Masks cannot stop a virus and are potentially harmful.
  • Partial lockdowns will have negligible effect on the spread of an airborne virus.
  • Lockdowns and forced unemployment would cause devastating economic and social damage.
  • Preventing people from exercising and being outdoors would have detrimental health effects.
  • Presence of a virus is not the same as presence of a disease; asymptomatic people rarely spread disease.
  • It is an incredibly bad idea to rush medications to market.

Prior to the rapid authorization process, no vaccine had been permitted for market release without undergoing a testing period of at least four years

Historical accounts bear witness to instances where vaccines were prematurely introduced to the market under immense pressure, only to reveal disabling or even fatal AEs later on. Examples include the 1955 contamination of polio vaccines, instances of Guillain-Barré syndrome observed in flu vaccine recipients in 1976, and the connection between narcolepsy and a specific flu vaccine in 2009

Our politicians who believe that they are so much smarter than anyone who has existed before them threw out all this knowledge and our woke populous allowed it.  We are so conditioned to believe that every single piece of knowledge attained before today is wrong that we accepted this obvious nonsense.

Our easy acceptance of comfortable lies facilitated COVID and makes it hard to determine how much was stupidity and how much was malice.  Most people acted out of the extreme stupidity that has seeped in to western culture but somewhere at the core of COVID is malice.  COVID may have been carried by stupidity but it was not born from it.  It was started by people who knew exactly what they were doing.


I agree with Jessica Rojas.  It is time to pull our woke heads out of our woke asses and stop sugar coating things.  We were never following the science we were ignoring it based on woke ideology.  “If it can only save one life” killed a lot of people.  COVID was a crime that had millions of unwitting accomplices.  The accomplices, or more accurately, the useful idiots can be forgiven but the core group cannot.  It is time for prosecutions.

It is also time for us to stop doubting our culture and start doubting politicians.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Great post Richard. As always. The only thing I disagree with is your statement “We threw out every lesson of the past in favor of things that sounded good.” Excuse me, but Not ONE of the things sounded good to me from the first moment they were suggested. I remember laughing at the first reports of San Francisco locking down their citizens. I actually thought it was a spoof from Babylon Bee or The Onion. Nope. The rest is history.

    I would reword your comment thus: “We threw out every lesson of the past in favor of things that sounded demented, evil and insane”

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