An ominous quote

A couple days ago Alberta Premier Daniel Smith released this video explaining her government’s new policy about Gender Identity.


To the average person Smith did not say anything controversial.  Her policy matches closely to the attitude of 78% of Canadians.

43% of respondents said parents should have to give consent to such changes, and 35% said parents should at least be informed of them

Canadian media, however, is remarkably short on ordinary Canadians.  The average person working in Canadian media is a left wing lunatic without a lick of common sense.  That is why the Winnipeg Free Press did not waste a minute before giving Justin Trudeau a platform to explain to Canadians how terrible he thinks Danielle Smith is.

The Winnipeg Free Press is just doing what Trudeau pays them to do; nip this in the bud before too many people start asking their premiers for Alberta style common sense.  I could go on today about what an evil idiot Justin Trudeau is or how dishonest Canadian media is, but instead I want to highlight a quote from New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs.  Higgs just gave the most ominous quote I have ever heard from an elected official in Canada.

New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs said Friday his government is still in the process of analyzing the proposed changes in Alberta.

He said New Brunswick, Alberta and other places in the world are trying to determine the right amount of parental involvement in a child’s life.

Blaine Higgs thinks it is the government’s responsibility to determine what or if parents have a role play when it comes to their own children?  This bit of “brave new world” thinking is coming from a CONSERVATIVE Premier.   Modern politicians view children as a ward of the state.  The only parental involvement they agree on is that parents should be any ATM.  The state will raise the children and the parents will foot the bill.

Canada is broken.  The voters broke it by electing sociopaths like Blaine Higgs who think the citizens are some sort of inferior being.  Higgs believes he has some sort of superior intelligence that makes him the only person qualified to raise children.  We will not fix Canada until we stop electing people like Blaine Higgs.

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