Either limit Trudeau or live with how Trudeau limits you

Justin Trudeau illegally invoked the emergencies act.  This was not a mistake or something that could only have been seen in hindsight.  Trudeau or at least his handlers knew they were breaking the law.  That is why there was such a concerted effort at disinformation leading up to the declaration.

It was the product of a deliberate campaign of deception and denigration the government organized with help from its media allies.

So why was Justin so anxious to crush the freedom convoy that he would lie and knowingly break the law?  Justin believes he is more important than the little people and the law does not apply to him but his motivation went beyond arrogance.  Justin had to crush dissent because he does not want people talking about what he is doing to the country.

Perhaps these people fear for their necks if the commoners ever figure out what’s been done to them.

You can certainly imagine that being the case in Justin Trudeau’s Canada. 

As journalist Elizabeth Nickson writes, “If Canada were a state, it would be poorer than West Virginia or Mississippi, despite being the second-largest country, with abundant natural resources, in the world, blessed with a highly educated populace.”

Canada should be a very wealthy country.  Compared to our peers we are not, and with Justin Trudeau at the helm we are headed in the wrong direction quickly.  By any measure Canadians are becoming poor.


Many Canadians “lack a financial cushion” according to a new Angus Reid survey(opens in a new tab), which found majority of respondents under 55 could not handle an unexpected expense of more than $1,000.


Per capita GDP — a country’s total value of goods and services divided by its population — is a good indication of its standard of living. And by that measure, Canadians’ standard of living is falling.

Also, as Statistics Canada pointed out on Tuesday, Canada was saved from an even steeper decline only by government spending.

Whatever the problem, the Liberal “solution” almost always makes matters worse. That’s because they know more about fashionable woke fads than economics.

Every liberal solution makes things worse because most of the problems they are solving like climate change are fictional and are solved by an expanding army of bureaucrats who always spend way more than anyone thought possible.


The total amount allocated for the Vaccine Injury Support Program was $32,310,002.00, but the cost to administer the program was $20,310,002.00.

Over 60% of the budget allocated for vaccine injury is going toward consultants administering the…


The cost of administering the federal carbon tax and rebate scheme has risen to nearly $200 million since its inception in 2019.


An ideologically charged Canadian federal government “green” program to try and get homeowners to switch their reliable heating oil furnaces for less reliable electric heat pumps via a large grant has been blasted by a taxpayer advocacy group as yet more government waste after it was revealed the program is set to cost nearly four times as much as originally thought

Justin Trudeau is making Canadians poor by increasing the size and inefficiencies of the federal government.  The money he is not stealing he is wasting and it is Canadian taxpayers who are footing the bill.  Justin Trudeau is incredibly incompetent but is that all this is?  Are Canadians becoming poor because Justin is remarkably stupid or is there another agenda at work?

Canadians are in this financial pickle not just because Justin is stupid.  He is also evil.  Justin is a WEF acolyte who is working diligently to bring about the great reset.  The great reset sounds almost innocuous but it is not.  The goal of the great reset is to take us back to feudalism where royalty own everything and the serfs own nothing.  Remember Klaus did not say “I will not own anything”, or “we will not own anything”.  He was very specific that it will be you who does not own anything.

Klaus and his self-appointed elite plan on owning everything.  To achieve this you must continue to transfer wealth from ordinary people to the super wealthy.  Thanks to the policies of the Trudeau Liberals that plan is well underway in Canada.