The trickle will soon be a torrent

An Australian employment tribunal has just ruled in favor of a worker who was injured after being forced by their employer to take the jab.

The Department of Child Protection (DCP) must pay compensation and medical expenses to a youth worker who developed pericarditis after getting a Covid booster under a workplace vaccination directive, the South Australian Employment Tribunal has ruled.

This is likely only the beginning.  There was no informed consent and forcing people to choose between a jab and unemployment is not a voluntary injection.  A Canadian woman started a lawsuit in July of last year.  She “voluntarily” took the jab and got injured; her fault right?  Not really because her acceptance of the jab was based on false information about the vax promoted by Canada’s government and public broadcaster.

47-year-old Vaccine Injured Mother files $10.5 Million Lawsuit against the Government and the CBC for Misinformation and Negligence about COVID-19 Vaccines

People and institutions are going to be bankrupted over their misguided trust of government.  As I pointed out in April of last year there were a lot of people involved in this enormous crime and most of them have no legal protection.  If you participated in any way and do not work for one of the vax suppliers you could face lawsuits.

Moderna and Pfizer were given legal immunity.  The legal immunity they were granted emboldened a lot of people who did not share the same protection and some of them are about to find out the hard way.

Corporations trusted the government mantra of safe and effective.  They should not have and now the foolish ones are facing consequences.  I expect to see many more law suits going forward and not just against corporations.

I could not believe that so many people jumped on the jab mandate bandwagon when they did not need to.  I hope all of the executives that forced this on their staff get sued.  The same goes for the media.  Their disinformation campaigns are criminal.  Making stupid choices should carry consequences.  Cooperating with Tyranny should carry dire consequences.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    I feel for the jab injured. However, the problem I see with governments compensating the jab injured is that it must by definition largely come out of the pockets of the unjabbed. The unjabbed who were so terribly mistreated by the jabbed for not participating in their folly. So the unjabbed pay twice. I say that the compensation should come directly out of the bank accounts of the actual politicians, bureaucrats and CEOs and boards of directors that made everyone take the shots. Then bar them from any position above janitor for life.

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