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Your Chance of COVID increases exponentially with your Trust in Government

Governments will never let COVID end.  This has been obvious for a very long time that’s why in August of 2021 I wrote this. Governments are choosing to prolong the pandemic.  With vaccines they are actively working towards making it perpetual. In 2021 when I wrote that it was considered very tin foil hatish.  But […]

The Freedom Convoy could still result in Freedom

In the great tradition of third world communist dictators everywhere, Justin Trudeau appointed a family member to exonerate him of his crimes.  If Canada had completed the transition to communism this would have been the last word on the subject.  Thankfully we are not quite there yet. There are several legal challenges to Trudeau’s clearly […]

Communism is not the Solution to Climate Change

I found this article yesterday.  A group of UK academics has come forward to save the planet from climate change.  They have a fool proof plan; all we must do is ration food and clothing.  If we can just make people cold enough and hungry enough the oceans will recede so quickly Al Gore’s beach […]

The New Normal

From day one of the plandemic politicians were adamant.  Things would never be the same again.  There would be a new normal.  The latest report out of Europe shows how true that prediction turned out to be. The new normal is more deaths every year.  The jabs have killed and are continuing to kill Europeans […]

Could the Money Train derail in Texas?

Things are about to get quite interesting in Texas next week.  Next week the Pfizer whistleblower lawsuit has its first day in court.  The whistleblower is Brook Jackson.  Brook was a clinical trials supervisor for a company Pfizer hired to participate in their vaccine trials.  Brook saw that Pfizer was not following any established scientific […]

Concealing Truth is always the top priority of Government

Yesterday I came across this study.  Researchers developed a nasal spray that reduced COVID transmission by 62%.  Immediately there were 2 things that struck me about this study. The study obviously was not done by Pfizer since none of the participants were killed by the treatment. The researchers finished the study nearly 2 years ago […]

Canadian corruption starts in China

I had written off the main stream Canadian Media decades ago.  Even media outlets that purport to be “right wing” like the Sun Media chain are infested with left wing lunatics eager to do the governments bidding.  I was pleasantly surprised then when I read Jamie Sarkonak for the first time two weeks ago.  Because […]

At some point someone must be Punished

Since March of 2020 Germany has seen 200,000 excess deaths.  87.5% of the excess deaths have occurred since the COVID Vaccine programs began.  From this data it is really hard to see how the jabs saved the planet from COVID.  Correct me if I am wrong but shouldn’t medical treatments be designed to prevent people […]

I agree with Jessica Rose, It is criminal

A friend sent me this video of Jessica Rose few days ago.  Jessica Rose is not an accomplished speaker but she has found herself, almost by accident, right in the middle of the COVID debate.  Jessica is a medical researcher who was finishing a PHD in Israel when the COVID travel bans hit.  She found […]

And the Juno goes to, Paul Rouleau

Once again I am disappointed about being right.  I wish for once I could be wrong about the level of evil within Canadian government.  It would be nice for once to see our government stop playing games and do the right thing.  Of course that will never happen as long as we keep electing people […]