Treason used to be frowned upon

When Justin Trudeau retires do you suppose they will build a monument to him in Beijing?

I have written several blog posts about the “special” relationship China has with Canada and in particular with the Trudeau liberals.  The Trudeau liberals pursue policies that benefit China at the expense of Canadians.  While there is no benign explanation for this, there is a very rational one.  It is obvious China controls Justin Trudeau and several other influential Canadian politicians.

Of course I have no proof to substantiate my conclusion and that is hardly surprising since Justin Trudeau controls any agency that might investigate treason.  That is why when police stumble upon evidence of treason it is quickly returned.

They said that digital video evidence seized from 5 Decourcy’s owner, a politically-connected Toronto real estate developer from China’s Anhui province, revealed that local politicians could have been recorded in compromising sexual acts.

They said CSIS’s opportunity to obtain technical evidence from YRP collapsed in early 2021, when illegal gaming and weapons charges against Wei Wei unravelled bizarrely, allowing the mansion casino owner to recover his digital content from YRP.

So the police raid an illegal gambling den, find evidence implicating prominent politicians, and promptly return all the evidence.  That is not suspicious at all.  Especially when you consider the people running the illegal gambling operation also happen to be liberal party fund raisers with ties to the communist party of China.

An examination of hundreds of federal election campaign documents and Chinese media reports reveals sprawling fundraising networks emanating from a circle of directors in the Canada-Anhui Friendship Association that is named in CSIS’s 5 Decourcy warrant application.

In addition to Wei Wei, these directors include several prominent Liberal Party officials and fundraisers close to Justin Trudeau and his power circle of senior aides and cabinet ministers.

But the Toronto Consulate’s tentacles of financial support — clandestinely through “community leaders” — appear to have encircled Justin Trudeau six years prior to the October 2019 contest.

The Chinese owned Justin Trudeau before he even became Prime Minister.  He was picked, promoted, and financed by Communist China.  It is good business for China to own the Prime Minister of a NATO nation.  For Canadians and our NATO allies it is treason.  I am old enough to remember when that was a bad thing.

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  1. Derek
    Derek says:

    They (media, establishment) will say frowning on treason is xenophobic and a characteristic of the far right.

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